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My Indie Biz Portfolio

To get started at Indie Business 3.0 which you can read all about here we all had to create our portfolio and this is how mine turned out. The inside pocket with Sew Chic and Unique and the front cover … Continue reading

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Indie Business 3.0

So as i am not sewing (yet) still looking for a sewing machine *sigh* didnt know it was going to be so hard to find one! I decided in the mean time to enroll in my first online course with … Continue reading

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Preparing for a loong break

In exactly 10 days time i will be boarding a plan to KL, Malaysia  It has been 5 years since i left Oman (Dubai trips by car not counted!) the last time i was on a plane was when we … Continue reading

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New year resolutions?Anyone?

 Do you keep your new year resolutions? I for one TRY to but i must admit by the course of the year i dont even remember what my resolutions were…but THIS year is going to be different…why you may ask? … Continue reading

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Sometimes i wish…


Dont you wish sometimes that you were somewhere else? living in another country maybe? Please dont get me wrong i LOVE, love my country Oman and when i am not living here i miss it terribly, however i must admit … Continue reading

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Fair Experience

PDO Fair table

I meant to blog about this on Friday but i needed to rest i was so exhausted! Let me start with some pics here is  how i set up my table and my it was a huge table measuring 2.5 meters!! … Continue reading

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Items For Sale


Until i get my shop up and running and sort out my paypal problem i will be selling my stuff right here My international customers please be patient with me as at this moment in time i can only accept orders … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings

Hadeel Sundress

When i was trying to think of what to blog about i couldnt think of a particular topic as i have so much  to blog about so decided to make it random. Oh but before i begin i have to share … Continue reading

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Its not happening…yet

Makeup Roll set

I dont even know how or where  to begin to tell you this but i guess i just have to say it   i wont be launching my online shop as planned today Why? you may wonder Simple reason but before i tell … Continue reading

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Busy days ahead

To those who follow me on twitter know that i am busy sewing items  for the launch of Sew Chic and Unique (SCU) online shop which is scheduled to open beginning of October in sha Allah. The items i plan on having … Continue reading

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