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My Hijab, My Choice, My story

As i am not sewing and wont be until we move to Malaysia in January which is really driving me crazy. To spice things up a bit i decided to blog about something very personal and dear to me and … Continue reading

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Have you seen my sew-jo?

sew-jo? mojo? get it ! My sew-jo is not lost i know  EXACTLY where it is…it is buried deep deep down inside me under my exhaustion.  When i found out that i was going to be without a maid i … Continue reading

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My 5 mins of fame

Yes i am in the media again this time in one of my favorite magazines Al Mar’a which is a monthly magazine that comes out in both english and arabic whic targets the modern women of today. One afternoon i got … Continue reading

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28 years of ME!!!


Today is my birthday! I found this great sewing machine cake  here cool right?! never seen one of these before. Today i am officially 28 years old which makes me officialy 2 years away from 30!!!!!!!!!!! and that in a way … Continue reading

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New Beginning

My first official post in my new blog at Sew Chic & Unique. I am really proud of the look of the site and i am so glad i got to work with Yonici at By No Designs who did a … Continue reading

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Exciting News


I have great news to share with you i am going to be featured in Hi! HI! is a free weekly newspaper which comes out every Friday and can be picked up from various locations in Oman. So make sure … Continue reading

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My life as i know it

MY Princesses

It has been a while since i shared pictures of my girls. Dania is now 1 year and 4 months nearly has a full set of teeth which she wont let me brush lol and still doesnt not talk much … Continue reading

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10 reasons why i love sewing

Having been a musician the past 15 years of my life i am sure some people might wonder why out of all the hobbies in the world did i choose sewing. The thing is i am too sure i choose … Continue reading

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Busy days ahead

I am busy enough as it is but my days are going to get busier because tomorrow my maid is going on leave for 2 whole months!. I have not found a temp yet and have a feeling its going to be a … Continue reading

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Why sewing?

I know that when i really put my self into anything i will perfect it. I was previously a muscian, a violinist actually i started at the age of 8 and did that for 16 years! So i know that “practice … Continue reading

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