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Blogging with a purpose

Got Purpose?

I remember back in 2008 when I published my first post I don’t think I was prepared for the journey that it would take me on. My first blog (Daily dose of me) started off merely as a journal to document … Continue reading

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Make time to do what you love!

Do what you love
Do what you love

Ah my poor neglected blog, believe me I miss sharing my thoughts and creations here. I started this blog back in 2008 and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today (click here to read how it all started). I … Continue reading

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Its’s time for a Confession…or Two

The Sewsit Change
The Sewsit Change

I have been meaning to blog about the lack of posts and the long absence from the blogging and sewing scene. So I thought I would turn this into confession/dose of reality kind of post. If you have followed my … Continue reading

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Bloggers in Oman {The Crafty ones and the not so Crafty}

Omani Bloggers
Omani Bloggers

I remember whilst growing up i always kept diaries however in October 2008, when i  started my sewing journey and wanted to document the things i made, it was only natural that i start a blog. So glad i did … Continue reading

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{Hello, My name is Mayya and i am a Procrastinator}


We all make new year resolutions but most of us rarely keep them (including me). Only very few people manage to stick with it. I don’t know about you but i often wonder WHY? Why do some achieve their goals and others … Continue reading

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A Recap of the Year {2012}

Jan - March

I don’t know about you but boy did 2012 whizz by. I honestly cant believe that its has been  already been a year! To end the year 2012 i thought i would share my most memorable moments of each month. … Continue reading

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Pssst, want to know my beauty secret?

I along with 12 other awesome bloggers spill the beans and let you in on our beauty secrets head over to  Sweet Modesty by Sadeel Allam to find out they are! What a great group of bloggers with great beauty tips and … Continue reading

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I have some explaining to do

Its been over a month  nearly two months since i last blogged and believe me you have no idea how bad i feel…. The guilt i carry around for not blogging for not keeping you all updated has eaten me up … Continue reading

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A sneak peek and a Blog Survey!

Over the past week i have been juggling between looking after my girls who were off sick from school and running my business. As much as i love working from home but being able to simply take a break from … Continue reading

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Very Pinteresting?

Pinterest App
Pinterest App

Confused by the title? I am talking about is going to change the way you bookmark  and it will  leave you inspired. Ever since i have become a member under {Sewchicnunique} i have been addicted to it Pinterest is … Continue reading

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