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Tutorial on How to sew an Omani Cap

Omani Cap Cover YT2- SCU

Last week I received a comment from one of my readers asking if I could provide further explanation on this picture tutorial which I posted  back in 2008, on how to sew Omani caps aka Kimma. I promised her that i would film a video … Continue reading

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Thank you Al Mara and The Woman

The Woman March Cover

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the Editor of The Woman Ms Rekha to take part in a mother and children photo shoot for their upcoming March issue. The chosen location for the photo shoot was Horumuz … Continue reading

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Make your own Red Heart Pillow Cover

Heart Pillow Cover 05
Heart Pillow Cover 05

“Love is in the air” since February is known to be the month of “love” I decided to dedicate some time to doing what I love, sewing! I personally dont celebrate it but have always loved the sewing/crafty projects that … Continue reading

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DIY Eiffel Tower Makeover with Spray Paint

Eiffle Collage 2

Happy new year my lovelies! I am super excited about 2015 and I have many goals that I am determined to achieve them (in sha Allah). Incase you missed it, I uploaded a video titled {A New Year, A New … Continue reading

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A Letter to a Younger Me – Featured in The Woman

Woman Cover - SCU

I always thought that if I had the chance to go back into time and advise myself what would I advice would I give to myself. Ms Rekha Editor of The Woman magazine got in touch with me to do just … Continue reading

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Recipe: The Perfect Drink For Winter

SCU Sumna 4
SCU Sumna 4

Growing up I was so stubborn especially when it came to try new foods. I always declined tasting anything new, simply because I could just tell by the “look” of the dish or whatever I was being offered was not something … Continue reading

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Operation: Make My Own Clothes

Operation Make my own clothes
Operation Make my own clothes

Hello my lovelies You know when want to do something but don’t have the time to do it, yet its always in the back of your mind. Well I am getting the itch to get back into sewing, my life is … Continue reading

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My first Hijabi Workshop at Smiles Boutique and Spa

Hijab Workshop
Hijab Workshop

Last Saturday  I had the honor of conducting my first hijabi workshop at Smiles Boutique & Spa. If you are wondering what hijab workshop is…. well, a hijabi guru (in this case me hehe) conducts a workshop to teach a group … Continue reading

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Divorce: My 4 tips on how to deal with it

Instgram Message - divorce

One of the main reasons why I open up such a personal and taboo subject on divorce is because I make a difference in someone’s life. Seeing messages such as those above simply motivate me and re-assure me that I … Continue reading

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Divorce …. A new beginning

Instagram Divorce

Sometimes in life we all go through experiences, the one that turns your life upside down and changes life as you know it. There are two types the joyful experiences and the not so joyful ones. I  have been blessed … Continue reading

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