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Spread a Smile by Donating a Barbie

Donate your barbies

Back in 2012 I shared this post to help my mum collect barbies for a project that she is part of. Today I wanted to give you an update on this project since the blog post my mum and her sisters have … Continue reading

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DIY: My ACV & Green Tea Toner

DIY Toner
DIY Toner

I have a been a fan of incorporating natural products in my skincare ever since I used oatmeal as a face mask, to help my skin fight an allergic reaction to a facial cream I bought. A couple of years ago … Continue reading

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Meet My Cat Oscar

Meet Oscar - Pet Tag
Meet Oscar - Pet Tag

Growing up our house was always filled with animals, I remember at one point we had 2 budgies, a white moluccan Cockatoo parrot, tortoises and a cat! Yeah, I know its sounds like a zoo but I loved having so … Continue reading

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Reveal: The Cutest Dress I have ever made with Tati J

Sewing with Tati J Cover
Sewing with Tati J Cover

If you are probably wondering why this post is approx 2 weeks late that is because only after posting my last post did I realise that I deleted the pictures of the dress I had taken in France. The beautiful ones which … Continue reading

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Sewing with Tati J – Lessons Learned

Sewing Lesson Tati J Cover

Its been 2 weeks since the girls and I came back from our lovely trip to France and they have started school so we are slowly adjusting to our routines. If you have been following my blog for a while … Continue reading

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6 Tunic Tops You Will Want to Sew Using Free Patterns

6 Tunic Tops Sewing Tutorials
6 Tunic Tops Sewing Tutorials

I love tunics don’t you?! They are by far my favorite item of clothing as they are so versatile, the possibilities are endless. They can be glam-ed up for an occasion or worn casually with jeans.  I love the fact … Continue reading

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My Experience on Oman 90.4 FM for Life As It Is

Life as it is - Final Group Photo
Life as it is - Final Group Photo

Two weeks have passed and I realized that I didn’t share my experience being on 90.4 FMOman’s national radio station during the month of Ramadhan. I still remember how nervous I was as I sat in the studio for the first … Continue reading

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Found My Inspiration in France

The Sewist in France Pavement

It’s been 2 years since I was last here feels so good to be back in France for the summer holiays. The girls and I have been here for a week and we have been spending it with family, eating fresh … Continue reading

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The Radio Show You Don’t Want to miss this Ramadhan

Life as it is Banner

Ramadhan is just around the corner and I am honored to be invited to be one of the guests on Hatim Al Abdilsalam’s radio show called “Life as it is”. The show will start on the first day of ramadhan … Continue reading

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Blogging with a purpose

Got Purpose?

I remember back in 2008 when I published my first post I don’t think I was prepared for the journey that it would take me on. My first blog (Daily dose of me) started off merely as a journal to document … Continue reading

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