Spread a Smile by Donating a Barbie

Back in 2012 I shared this post to help my mum collect barbies for a project that she is part of.

Today I wanted to give you an update on this project since the blog post my mum and her sisters have donated a total of 300+ barbies to orphans and under privileged girls in various parts of the world.

The barbies that we have collected over these years have been given a mini makeover, dressed in beautiful items made by my mother and my aunts in France. They seem to have the process down well as they are like a mini factory every one of them has a job to do. It was a joy watching them on my last trip to France, they would gather every afternoon and work on this together. It actually brings them joy to do this, what a beautiful way to feel joy when giving to others.

After the barbies have all been dolled up, they are packaged and sent to Espoire sans frontiers (Hopes without barriers). They are then shipped to little girls who want have only seen these barbies and shops and only imagined playing with them.

I believe that we can do a lot to help each other and you might be surprised how little it takes of you to do so. It’s the little things that make a BIG difference to those less privileged.

Donate your barbies

Here is a picture of the girls with their dolls their smiles, priceless!

If you are in Oman have any barbies that your daughters don’t play with kindly email sewchicandunique [@] gmail.com or call/text 95151122 so we can set a place to meet.

For those out of Oman simply send me at the address above so I can send you our address in Oman/France (whichever is closer to you) to send the barbies to.

Thank you in advance and may we continue to make a positive difference in each others lives.

Stay blessed

by mayya


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One Response to Spread a Smile by Donating a Barbie

  1. Dear The Sewist
    This is a great initiative that really adds value to the society , normally we are caught up in our own lives and seem to forget the less privileged in our society ,this creates a gap within our communities and develops selfishness.Research choses that the only way to trigger the hormone which is responsible for joy and happiness is through serving others.
    Our beloved prophet Muhammed PBUH also said : I and the sponsor of an orphan are like this in Paradise ,and he indicated to his two close fingers.
    The beauty and the Mercy of Almighty God comes in the form of His generosity as every one involved in this good deed is rewarded even if their contribution is just good words.
    We ask Almighty Allah to bless all those who are behind this good deeds and increase their energy to serve humanity.

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