Meet My Cat Oscar

Growing up our house was always filled with animals, I remember at one point we had 2 budgies, a white moluccan Cockatoo parrot, tortoises and a cat!

Yeah, I know its sounds like a zoo but I loved having so many animals at home.

My favorite pet actually I had 2 favorite pets one was tabby the cat who I brought home one day after I rescued it from school  and the other one was James the tortoise although slightly they are slightly boring to be honest but  he was my first pet, my mum got him for me for my 8th birthday.

I have always loved cats and knew that when I had my own place that I would adopt a cat, specifically one that was grey with yellow eyes but didn’t want him to be Persian. So I found out that those types of cats are called “British Blue”.

Earlier this year I finally we had the pleasure of welcome Oscar to our family. We adore him and so glad to have him in our life!

 Meet Oscar - Pet Tag

I introduce him on my YouTube channel you can watch it below, you won’t see much of him though as he is very camera shy (will work on changing that) LOL

Do you have any pets? If so what kind of pet is it and what did you call it?

Warm Stitches

by mayya


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  1. UmmiBee says:

    Cutie! Oscar is adorable! I love the fajr thing.
    UmmiBee´s last blog post ..Chopsticks || Restaurant Review

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