Reveal: The Cutest Dress I have ever made with Tati J

If you are probably wondering why this post is approx 2 weeks late that is because only after posting my last post did I realise that I deleted the pictures of the dress I had taken in France. The beautiful ones which I was super excited to show you with the background of our garden. I guess it was not meant to be so instead I had to improvise and take new ones in my by the bookshelf in my “unfinished” craft space. (it was the the best I could do, as it only place with natural light)

Sewing with Tati J Cover

Despite the delay I hope you are as excited as I am for the reveal of the dress I made with Tati J, this is my 2nd “wearable” item of clothing the first one was the palazzo pants I made with my mum.

Love the fact that so far my garment sewing always seems to involve family members, how does “sewing brings a family closer” sound as a tagline for the blog? :)

This dress is super cute if I may say so, everything about it is French. The fabric, the pattern, my aunt Tati J who helped me make it and it was made in France, can’t get any french then that! Mais bien sur

Sewing with Tati J 02 SCU

It was a pretty simple dress to make, I only wish that it had sleeves just so I can learn the technique of how to set the sleeves. I wish to have taken a picture of it on one of my girls, but it is too small for Hadeel and too big for Dania LOL.

Sewing with Tati J 03 SCU

The top/back was the trickiest to make for 2 reasons:

First was since it was double lined (meaning that the inner and outer part of the garment was lined with the same fabric) when sewing we had to make sure we aligned the correct with the correct side (had some very interesting conversations and consulted several women to figure it out)

Second was to get the back opening to look as neat as possible as you can see we managed in the end.

Check my previous post for the lessons learned when making the dress…

Sewing with Tati J 04 SCU

Even if neither of my girls end wearing the dress I shall cherish the memories that this dress brings with Tati J. She has taught me the basics that I need to know in order to start venturing into the beautiful world of garment construction.

So tell me what do you think of the dress we made? is it cute or is it cute? :)

by mayya


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8 Responses to Reveal: The Cutest Dress I have ever made with Tati J

  1. OPNO says:

    I love the fabric!

    Aything polk a dots I adore, and that is such a happy set of polkadots!

  2. Maryam says:

    Very pretty, I just love the dress.
    Which pattern did you use????

  3. saf says:

    That is a cute dress! I would totally find a way to hijabify it, as you do :) Can’t wait to see what you make next.

  4. Amal says:

    Asaslam Alaikum wa rahamatullah,
    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for keeping your site and YouTube channel in English. As a convert to Islam, I am able to understand and learn another Muslims ideas. In addition, most Muslims are not Arabs, so with English your outreach is more wide spread as well!
    God bless you and your cute kids!
    lots of love from Switzerland,
    a Muslimah mom

  5. clodagh says:

    Mayya it is beautiful and really well done on a lined dress that is no easy task. If you are ever looking for any patterns come by for a coffee and browse through my lot. Lots of girls stuff 😉

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