Found My Inspiration in France

It’s been 2 years since I was last here feels so good to be back in France for the summer holiays. The girls and I have been here for a week and we have been spending it with family, eating fresh fruits, walking in town and re-living beautiful memories!

The Sewist in France Pavement

(Loved this beautifully paved street which is shaped as a sea shell)

I have some  good news to share I have been inspired by France! The weather, the greenery, the town, the fact that I am on holiday and able to gather my thoughts I have decided to get back to blogging full time :)

Spent the past couple weeks planning content and I cant wait to share it with you all. Whilst I am here I plan on spending quality time and focusing on what’s to come and blogging has been on my mind for a while now, I guess I needed the change in scenery to get the ball rolling. I have a also arranged for sewing lessons with my Aunt Tati J the sewing expert in the family (planning on starting next week in sha Allah) super excited!!

Until then I will leave you with a picture of me taken in town last Saturday on our way to the weekly market.

The Sewist in France

(This picture was taken by my personal photographer Hadeel my 9 year old daughter with a Sony RX 100 M3)

Wearing top and pants from Promod, Aldo sandals, carrying a Kipling bag, sporting my Prada sun glasses.

I would be interested to hear what inspires you ? is it a change of scenery? a person? your goals?

by mayya


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7 Responses to Found My Inspiration in France

  1. Hatim Al Abdissalaam says:

    Dear Um Hadeel
    You look really fresh and happy , this means only one thing :)
    France brings joy to you and helps you connect with the inner you.
    The streets look amaizing and very traditional , I would love to visit France one day but I get I would need to take someone who speaks French to guide me through the cities ….
    Enjoy your holyday and don’t forget to bring goodies for the people in Oman

    P.S :Don’t touch my shoes

  2. OPNO says:

    Enjoy your visit and takes lots of pictures! I love looking at other people’s vacation pictures;)

    Inspiration comes to me from many places, a change of scenery usually isn’t it, unless that’s the visual however.

  3. Dhofari Gucci says:

    looking good! Glad to hear you’ll come back to blogging! France is one of my favourite places in the whole world.

  4. saf says:

    This is so very exciting. Can’t wait to see more pics and vlogs about France, not to mention blogs :)

  5. Alia says:

    Hi Mayya! A beautiful picture indeed this is! Glad to hear you got your mojo for blogging back! Inspiration is vital in life! I’m super excited about your sewing lessons too! Keep us informed!

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