Blogging with a purpose

I remember back in 2008 when I published my first post I don’t think I was prepared for the journey that it would take me on. My first blog (Daily dose of me) started off merely as a journal to document my sewing progress.

If you still read my blog (thank you for being loyal) you have probably read numerous times on how much I miss blogging and that I have been meaning to get back into it. However it seems that as much as I want to I never seem to make it happen and it suddenly dawned on me this morning as to why….

Blogging purpose….my blog then had a purpose and now I seem to have lost it.

Got Purpose?


What is my blogging purpose?

Why do I want to blog?

What do I have to say?

Since I am a self-taught sewist and I clearly remember why I wanted to start a blog.  It was not only meant to be an online journal  but also as a motivational tool to keep sewing, to share sewing tutorials and to inspire others to take up this beautiful craft. I used to blog about the little projects I made and it was great to see how with every stitch I grew more confident. At that time I am pretty sure the ONLY ones reading my blog were me and my ever supportive mum. No pressure just sew and blog (when I can).

Fast forward to the present where I am happy to say that I have readers from all over the world, alhamdulilah. It comes as no surprise that the majority of my readers are women, between the ages of 25-40, 40% of them are mothers and have an interest in sewing.

My life has changed dramatically ever since I started working full-time, since my mornings are now spent behind a desk staring at a computer and not behind a sewing machine. After work I am on what i like to call mummy duty and I am ashamed to say that by 8pm I am knocked out and have no energy to hold a book let alone sew. I am sure many mothers out there can relate to this.

Which explains the lack of blogging, because since this is a sewing blog then I should  be sewing LOL however as I don’t  have make the time then I feel I have nothing to blog about! I end up making videos instead :)

Putting yourself out there


But good news is that this is all going to change…because i am determined to dig deep in me and find my blogging purpose again. So in the mean time while I figure  that out can you answer a couple of questions for me?

Q1 What it is about my blog that you like?

Q2 Why did you subscribe or follow me?

Q3 What is it that you would like or expect to see more of?

by mayya


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3 Responses to Blogging with a purpose

  1. OPNO says:

    Originally I found your youtube channel and how to wrap hijab styles;).

    Now I am just interested in what Omani women have to say, who are from Muscat more than where I spend my time…

    I relate to having no life. I blog, I work, I mind children, and maybe if I have time, I work on a novel or paint but never finish a book or a painting ever, not in the last ten years, unless I am writing for someone else to publish their name on it, or someone is paying me to paint;).

  2. Nima says:

    mayya, I started to follow your blog when I found another self taught, self motivated sewist … I used to look forward for your new post to see what new thing you have come up with.. Then our sew along session.. It was lots of fun. My blog still continue as a needlecraft documentation … Now I miss new post in your blog…
    Nima´s last blog post ..Strawberry harvesting….

  3. Mars Cureg says:

    Whatever type of blog you have, it is not always said that you lock your post ideas in sewing. You can write anything under the sun as long as it impact something on you as a blogger.

    I remember when I started my personal blog way back 2004, it’s all about my personal everyday useless journey and without my knowledge I am already becoming an expert in link building because I do every day of blog hopping and leave a comment on every blog that I visited.

    Then came 2008 where I focus in design related blog – and from then, I earned a lot $$$ from blogging alone.

    At the moment, I am maintaining 3 regular blogs.
    Mars Cureg´s last blog post ..Oman’s 45th National Day Logo Unveiled

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