Tutorial on How to sew an Omani Cap

Last week I received a comment from one of my readers asking if I could provide further explanation on this picture tutorial which I posted  back in 2008, on how to sew Omani caps aka Kimma. I promised her that i would film a video tutorial since i figured it would be easier to explain

Omani Cap Cover YT2- SCU

When I searched the web for information on Omani caps, I came across this article on Times of Oman published last year, however  just to give you a bit of general info these caps are worn by the men in Oman as part of the national Omani attire.

These caps are handmade and they take approx 2-3 months to complete. I love that traditionally the Omani women would make them for the men in their family. Sadly this beautiful tradition is dying, wouldnt be it lovely if schools would teach this to little girls as part of after school activities, (I would be even willing to teach them!) As it is part of Oman’s heritage and I hope to one day teach my children this beautiful craft of sewing Omani caps.

I finally posted a video on the stitching technique used to make them, I highly recommend you want to my first post  before you watch the video.

*Disclaimer: I do not sell nor do i intend to sell Omani caps*

Hope this is useful leave me your questions in the comments if you have any :)

by mayya


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4 Responses to Tutorial on How to sew an Omani Cap

  1. OPNO says:

    Thank you! I always start to work on one, then leave it for like a year, and then go back to it and realize I have forgotten how to do it.


  2. Cierra says:

    Thank you for posting this, it is very helpful!

  3. ireminisces says:

    Asalamu alaikum thanks for sharing, very very interesting indeed.

    Do come and share some words on my latest post about ‘The Meaning of Faith.’ Oh and feel free to add my “I Love Islam” button to your site anyone and everyone its FREE!

    Take Care

  4. Shaheed says:

    A. Aleikum,

    My name is shaheed and i am from Portugal.

    Where i can buy omani cap made by hands? Can u suggest sugest someone?
    I can pay you if u can make for me, my head size is 51 cm.

    Waiting for your email.



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