Want to join a Sewing Club?

So i have been thinking lately about how many other sewists in Oman do i really know?
Answer is not many and i am always excited to meet a crafty gal!

The thing about crafty people is that not only do we like to craft but we also like to chat especially with people who are passionate it as much as we are, and  it is no secret that as women we are known to be pros when it comes to multitasking.

You know where i am heading with this don’t you?

I want to start a sewing club, i would love to spend a morning/evening/afternoon (whatever works) with like minded people who would get why i am excited that i found some Amy Butler fabric.

I remember how much i enjoyed chatty crafters which was hosted by Isra of Sew 2 B Happy back in 2011. Unfortunately we stopped meeting because life took over *sigh*

In Europe such sewing groups have been around for ages and are quite popular to this day.which i think is amazing really. Not only do you get to meet new people but you get to meet people whom you have something in common with!

Keep Calm and Sew On

 Image source {Little Bunny Suesue}

This is how i see this happening, we can start once a month maybe twice  (depending on how we get on). Most probably at my house.

Things we could consider doing:

– a sew a long (choose a pattern and work on it together)

-have one of the ladies teach us a skill (optional)

– bring along projects we are currently working on (trace a pattern, cut fabric, drape)

– or simply talk crafty (new fabric in for a certain store, new machine etc)

Above options are flexible and are not set in stone so your suggestions are welcome :)

Please note this is NOT for people who want to “learn” how to sew it is for people who already know how to sew (Before you get upset with me please read on). I know there are many of you who are waiting for me to start my sewing lessons and believe me i am working on it, i will announce the schedule in less than a month, (i promise).

You see the thing is (i believe i speak on behalf most sewists) is that being a sewist we don’t have the convenience of crafting any where unlike those who crochet,knit or embroider.

We need to carry our machines & sewing supplies with us and that sometimes can be annoying. In addition we also need a the right set up to sew cutting space, ironing board. So unfortunately coffee shop meet ups are not ideal for us.

*There might be a small fee (less than 5 RO) to join which will pay for tea/coffee biscuits* – will need to work out the logistics depending on how many are intersested.

I can already picture it, the smell of cookies and coffee/tea, the humming of the sewing machine from the ladies sitting on the dinning room table working on their projects, i hear laughter and excitment from the ladies that are by the couch discussing the best place to buy fabric…ahh total bliss

So my fellow sewists what say you? would you be interested in being part of a sewing club?

If you are please leave me a comment (make sure put in your email address) so i can get in touch with you on can we set our sewing date.

I hope to get response by Thursday the 20th of Feburary 2014, that way i can start organising and hopefully have our first sewing club in March 2014

Eeeekkk!! Super excited i have a good feeling about this..

by mayya


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27 Responses to Want to join a Sewing Club?

  1. Maiysa says:

    I love how you decribed the stmosphere❤️
    Its exactly how I ended up doscussing my dream atmosphere with my sister!
    Involed me sewing and her baking cookies, therefore creating this cozy corner where artosts would join

  2. Dahlia says:


    Glad to hear that you finally got the ball rolling, and it would be an added advatange to the craft community. You do know what your next step is, dont you?

    Post in Crafty in Oman and check the reponse…..maybe create an event page too.

    All the best and lets just keep crafty :)

    Looking fwd to Tuesday (shhhhhhh) lol
    Dahlia´s last blog post ..Tour of Oman Feb 2014

    • Mayya says:

      I know, its about time right?!
      Yup plan on spreading the word on CIO later on today and thanks for the tip of creating an event page.
      Looking forward to Tuesday too xx

  3. Alia says:

    This sounds lovely Mayya ! I’d be interested!!! I’m working on at shirt quilt or my daughters graduation. I have Bee blocks I’m working on too. I’m curious to know what type of sewing you want to do!! This is great!

    • Mayya says:

      Oh Alia so glad that you want to join, remember how much fun Chatty Crafters was?
      Seems you’ve got your hands full, we dont really have to do projects per say unless the majority wants to. Any type of sewing is welcome, garment,bags,quilts, whatever tickles your sewing buds hehe
      You could bring along what you are working on and WOW us with your sewing/quilting skills hehe

  4. Rawa says:

    Count me in..big time! *hand raised super high*

  5. clodagh says:

    Hi Mayya,

    I LOVED our little sessions. Yes life really did take over didn’t it. I am interested. Maybe it would force me to carve out a little time for myself knowing there is lovely gals to go and share like minded ideas. We could also bring along some of sewing books so others could look and see in case they want to order one but would love to have a browse through first. I too had intended to start giving sewing classes this year but a few family things came up which took priority. All in good time eh? Maybe by the time we need to help with ours girls weddings??

    Keep me informed ,
    Clo (a.k.a. Isra 😉 )

    • Mayya says:

      Hi Clo YAY would love to have you with open sewing arms hehe
      Oh my i LOVE that idea of bringing our sewing books and having a browse through.
      Yeah i know what you mean, i am forcing myself out of my cave because i realized i need to do what i love and as you know sewing brings us so much joy!
      Cant wait to see you xx

  6. Rashmi says:

    Hi Mayya
    I m interested to join the sewing group.!
    Thanks dr

  7. Ruth McKie says:

    Count me in Maya! Sounds like a great idea, and I would love to meet more fellow sewists and learn some new tricks :)

  8. Saida says:

    Aaaaw, Sadly I can’t join since it’s a local group, but how exciting, hope to hear more about this group and it’s development :) hope you’ll share tips,tricks and updates on your blog…

  9. Koryn Wright says:

    Count me in! I’ve been in a “hoarding” and “buying” fabric frenzy as of late…need to get some inspiration to start using some of these lovely prints!

  10. nima says:

    Beautiful initiative Mayya…Me too would love to be a part of it..but don’t know how often i can come for meet ups. But i still remember our sew it days.
    nima´s last blog post ..Crazy about pineapple lace

  11. Antonia says:

    Hi, I would love to join in. I am self taught and sometimes find myself doing things stupidly long ways instead of a sensible way. I have loads of lovely fabric and patterns that I buy from all over the world and am happy to share the secrets of my suppliers with other passionate seamstresses. I also have a specialist pure embroidery machine if people want to try. It’s great for personalising projects or making appliqué patches. I am also happy to host as I have a bit of space

    • Mayya says:

      Hi Antonia
      From one self taught sewist to another, i know how you feel about taking the long route because i find myself doing the same hehe I guess the benefit of that is we learn from our trials and errors hehe ooouuu i love crafty secrets so cant wait to hear them.
      Thank you for offering your space we can defintely make use of it, i shall email you soon.
      I look forward to meeting you and sewing with you x

  12. Akmal says:

    I’d so love to join this if I were there! I need a group of like minded ladies for support too. Hope to read more about this crafty group meetings on the blog

    • Mayya says:

      I agree Akmal there is nothing like meeting up with women who are simliar passion. Where do you live? maybe i could help you find some ladies to sew with :)

      Stay tuned for crafty updates xx

  13. Maya Srinivas says:

    Hi Mayya,

    Love to be part of the group, but need to know the location of meeting.

    Great idea.


  14. Dwikal Thakkar says:

    Hi , I just started sewing and learning at home … want to join ur club ..wish to learn more crafts as I m very much found of crafts

  15. Kristi Palmer says:

    Hi Mayya- I just read this post and love the idea. Did you manage to get a sewing group started? I also have to know, did you find Amy Butler fabric here in Muscat?! Where??

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