{Hello, My name is Mayya and i am a Procrastinator}

We all make new year resolutions but most of us rarely keep them (including me). Only very few people manage to stick with it. I don’t know about you but i often wonder WHY?

Why do some achieve their goals and others don’t? and i came up with the conclusion that its all about DOING something about it, not just wishing for things to magically happen. (kind of makes sense right?) if you dont do anything about it, how are you going to achieve your goal?


Here is the thing, we know that we want something done/changed but do we really, i mean REALLY do something about it?

I know my problem, i recently discovered that i know what needs to be done but i don’t do it, i make excuses for not doing the task and then postpone it to tomorrow or the day after and before i know it a couple of weeks have passed and guess what? i end up NOT doing it..sound familiar? Well join the club of procrastination!!! Wondering what that means well simply put its an ongoing postponement of important tasks and i am the master of procrastination.

Now that we have discovered the problem, the next question is WHAT are we going to do about it? We plan and we stick to our plan, NO EXCUSES! (it is not going to be busy, but trust me it is worth it)

Planning is essential, its like your road map on how you are going to reach your destination, whilst keeping your eye on the prize. Personally one of the things actually two major things i would like to accomplish this year and of them is to focus on getting Sew Chic & Unique shop up and running and to connect more with my audience (either by blogging, posting pics on instagram, sharing videos on my YouTube channel or on my Facebook pages).

I feel blessed to be able to do the things i enjoy.  The challenge is to MAKE time to enjoy them. Working full time, being a mum, trying to run a home business is a lot to handle on one plate. However i truly believe that if you want something bad enough you have to work hard, sacrifice and just focus .

The whole point of this post is to highlight the issues and overcome them by actually working on achiving our goals, yes i said OURS because i know that there is something you want do to/change/ achieve but havent yet. I am here to tell you that YOU can do it and you WILL do it all you have to do is plan how you are going to do it and DO IT!

I have shared with you my goals for the year 2013, what are your goals for the year 2013?

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by mayya


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8 Responses to {Hello, My name is Mayya and i am a Procrastinator}

  1. Zura says:

    I get you Mayya! I’m like that all the time too…especially with my own dreamed up projects or maybe updating my blog lol…..so many of them never get done & I need to really plan my activities these days :)

    • Mayya says:

      Glad to know that i am not the only one, i find it very challenging to get my “things” accomplished maybe because i am so busy trying to finish up everyone’s else goals LOL. Yeah planning in key but sticking to the plan is something else!

  2. Hueyna says:

    Thank you for sharing! I got my friends updated their status with that quote as well. It’s time for planning for me.. The thing is I am a good planner, but also a good procrastinator, LOL. I DO really need to stop procrastinating and manage my focus..

  3. Valeria says:

    Blogging is actually helping me to procrastinate less :) I try to post something crafty I made almost every week, and I also try to set some deadlines for bigger projects (knitting socks, making clothes etc.). Keep on the great work, love your blog!! Valeria

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