Vlog: Meet my {Best Friend} Sophia

After my rather sad blog post (about how life does not always going according to plan) i thought i should blog about something a little more fun and positive.

I found the perfect topic – my best friend Sophia!

Sophia & I have been friends ever since we were kids, we met in school and boy, did we have  lots in common. We both played the violin, born in the same year, had the same violin teacher (Ms Hazel) and both our mothers are not Omani.  Even the bus driver knew that we were destined to become good friends. I remember i liked her the moment i met her but little did i know that 22 years on we would still be friends.


I have seen the best friend tag video around in YouTube and thought it would be super fun to do one with one with her. Sophia was hesitant at first but warmed up to the idea and i must say she was a natural on camera ma sha Allah.

Unfortunately due to my camera acting up this video is in two parts, the second part might be posted up next week (have to get Sophia back again) hehe

It is with great pleasure that i introduce to you Sophia aka my best friend.

I bet you will love her as much as i do

Thank you Sophia for being my friend, for always knowing what to say, for your endless support, for making me laugh when i wanted to cry. I could go on forever but i guess what i am trying to say is thank you for being there.

Love you always & forever

by mayya


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2 Responses to Vlog: Meet my {Best Friend} Sophia

  1. Liz Marsden says:

    You two are SO lovely. I only just discovered this blog/website today and I’m sure I will really enjoy your posts. You both seem so joyful, it’s lovely to have a best friend like that, I have also known my best friend for nearly 20 years, and even when we go six months or even a couple of years without seeing each other we can pick up right where we left of as if no time had passed at all!
    Liz Marsden´s last blog post ..Tips and Tricks 12: Check your Proper Nouns

  2. Lubi says:

    Hi Mayya “My GURU”:

    You know you are blessed when you have good friends around you.

    Just knowing that you have someone to lean on when in need and sharing all your moments regardless of whether sad, tough or happy makes it precious.

    This reminds me of my mom and her 2 amazing best friends (Aunty A and Aunty N)-such a great role model of how friend should be, I would say they are literally more than sisters- I pray that one day My best friend Nash and I will reach to that level of friendship!

    Also, thank you for being the elder sister that I have never had, I really do appreciate every advice and mentoring that you have gave me along the years….


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