My choice for the Tunic Top Pattern

I could swear that in ramamdhan time simply flies faster then usual pst as it seems i dont have enough hours during the day for anything!

In my last post i asked you to help me choose a pattern so i could venture in the world of making my own clothes.

I thank all those who left me comments on my blog  (twitter and facebook ) helping me decide which pattern to choose and i am happy to announce that i have chosen to go with the Patricia Tunic Sis Boom Pattern

I choose the above pattern  for several reasons

1) Unlike the “school tunic by Sew liberated” it is a PDF pattern so i wouldnt have to wait 1-2 weeks for it to arrive i could start sewing immediately!

2) As much as i wanted to sew the  block bow tie chemise dress by Victory Patterns the Sis boom pattern using cotton to make the top and i think its perfect for a beginner since there isnt much slip.

3) Plus i love the option that it has full sleeves !

I must admit i am in love with the other two patterns too and hope that one day i will be able to make them both.

Now that i have read through the pattern instructions i am off to buy me some yummy fabric and i have no idea how long this will take me to finish since eid is around the corner and i have to prepare products for the shop (so yeah busy doesnt even begin to describe what i am).

I remember when i first started learning the basics of sewing i couldnt wait to make my first bag because as you know i am a bag addict (check out all the bag tutorials) and i always wondered if you could sew for your self what would you make?


by mayya


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3 Responses to My choice for the Tunic Top Pattern

  1. Zura says:

    Excellent choice Mayya, I love all Sis Boom patterns, they are the best! Can’t wait to see your beautiful creation! I am right now preparing to sew my first dress, pray that this little project of mine would be finished, coz I’m really good at starting a project but often fail in finishing them lol. Miss you Mayya *hugs*!
    Zura´s last blog post ..The Butterfly Dress

  2. Karima says:

    Can’t wait to see your creation! This was the one that I thought you should choose – I must have good taste lol
    Karima´s last blog post ..Great Ideas – Ketchup Condiment Sachets as Ice Packs

  3. Clo says:

    Mayya I tell you no lie when I say that I actually took this pattern out TODAY! I have not sewn for probably more than 6 months and it depresses me. I have been searching for tops to wear when I got back to work and I remembered I liked the length and shape of this one I made for my Mum some time ago. Jinx sister 😉

    Eid Mubarak in advance, I hope the girls are well and excited about the new school year.

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