Luqaimat ~ My Favorite Ramadhan Dish

Kaimati, kalimatis , Qaymat, luqamat al qaki  or whatever else they are called as basically sweet friend dumplings and they are delicious!

I have a sweet tooth you might have realised that by now from the recipes that i share on my blog hehe

Luqaimat is a dish which we and most arabs usually have on the table when we brake our fast along with dates and laban/milk.

Not only do i love them because they taste oh so delicious but also because having luqaimat in ramadhan brings back lovely memories. Memories of my grand mother (allah yerhamha) who used to make them especially for me when we would go and have iftaar, or the tasty luqaimat i used to have and Sara and Maryam’s house.

I remember i used to watch thier mum fry them and she shaped them into perfect little balls ma sha Allah…not to mention that her luqaimat are the best i have ever tasted (after mine of course :P) LOL I loved her way so much that i asked her for the recipe when i first wanted to attempt making them (9 years ago!!)

{My Luqaimat Story}

So 9 years ago i wanted to show off my not so perfect cooking skills to my husband (we had only been married a year then) and i decided one ramadhan to make luqaimat. I got the recipe and headed to the kitchen to get started on my master piece. I made the dough and let it rise for a couple of hours. Made the sugar syrup.  Everything was going fine, dough had risen (or so i thought)  and i started frying them.  So they looked nothing like what luqaimat cause mine looked like everything but round but hey it was my first attempt and knew that with practice and time i would perfect the shape..(i didnt know what was coming).  After i was done i presented it to my husband who with a blank face asked me “What is that supposed to be”?

Anyway to make a long story short they ended up in the bin and i ended up crying for what seemed like forever!

Fast forward to the present after numerous failed attempts of making luqaimat and asking every person i know how to make them i have finally perfected the recipe & technique.

And because i adore sharing stuff i am going to share my recipe with you!

You will need:

1 Cup flour
1 tbs cornflour or rice flour
1 tbs yoghurt
1 tsp yeast
a pinch of sugar
Less than a cup of warm water

Sugar Syrup
1 cup sugar
1 1/4 cup water
cardamon pods
vanilla essence

To make the dough in a bowl put all the the ingredients (except the water) which i add gradually until i get the consistency i need i use my hand to beat the dough slightly getting rid of any lumps (not too thick or watery should have a muddy consistency).

Once everything is mixed, cover the bowl in plastic wrap and again in a plastic bag and leave to rise in a warm place (either outside or in a cold oven) for an hour or two.

During that time you can prepare the sugar syrup aka shira. Put all the ingredients in a sauce pan and let it boil on medium fire until it starts becoming thick. Then take it off the fire and let it cool.

The dough is ready when it looks like this

Now its time to deep fry them – (sorry couldnt take any pics as i am not that multi tasked LOL)

However i did manage to make a video of the whole process which i posted on my channel last year (and blogged about a year later – you know what they say better late than never)

Once they have been deep fried lay them on some absorbent kitchen roll and wait a couple of minutes before coating them with the sugar syrup.

Here is what you should have achieved

I do hope you will try it out and let me know what your thoughts on my luqaimats.

Now you know one of my favorite dishes to have in ramadhan what is yours? please share it with me in the comments below..

Much Love

by mayya


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25 Responses to Luqaimat ~ My Favorite Ramadhan Dish

  1. Naseerah says:

    LOL, I love your story (though it was likely not funny at the time). I must try this when I’m back in UAE ISA. I also would love to meet with you sometime you are soo sweet mashallah. May Allah accept your fast and bring you closer to him. Ramadan Mubarak!

    • Mayya says:

      Ameen may Allah accept all our fasting and ibada in sha Allah
      Yeah i laugh about it now but when it happened it was awful i guess you live and learn!
      I would love it if you try its really simple the only tricky bit is getting the luqaimat to be round LOL.
      I would love to meet you too drop me a line when you are in Oman and we can meet up 🙂

  2. Clo says:

    Ramadan Kareem Mayya, oh your story made me smile as I too have had several failed attempts at dumplings! Marlene made them tonight from a packet mix :-0 I got her and while she gets the shape I could never for. The sugar syrup tasted almost “fishy” could that be too much saffron? I’d love to hear more about your Ramadan menu as ours gets a little boring I think. I hope the girls are well and your mum too.

    • Mayya says:

      Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family Clo!
      Hehe yeah i have many other similar stories lol Poor Sofi (my helper) wont even attempt to shape them she says she will make a mess of them.
      hmm fishy syrup now thats a first try not adding saffron only make the syrup with cardamon pods, vanilla and a little bit of lemon.
      Was not to sure anyone would enjoy these kind of posts, so glad you are.
      Will be trying out a dish today if its a success will share it (wish me luck)!

  3. Anisa says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    Thank you so much for this recipe. My husband, who is Palestinian, loves these. Insha’Allah, I will try to make them for him.

  4. Yana says:

    Would love to try this out. But not sure where can I get cardamon pods in Malaysia, Any substitute?
    Yana´s last blog post ..Whaley Peasant Top and Short

    • Mayya says:

      Hello Yana hmm cardamon extract if not you can do the sugar syrup without cardamon just sugar, saffron and vanilla essence.

      Or you can use honey or sweet condensed milk instead of making the sugar syrup!

  5. neelu says:

    Hi Mayya

    I just made these today… my dumplings were all flat and not round. 🙁 No worries, I will try again 🙂


    • Mayya says:

      Hi Neelu
      Sorry to hear that them being flat indicates that they didnt rise..are you sure the yeast you used is not expired? did you leave it to rise?

      Please dont get discouraged keep on trying, i made something today that ended up in the bin too *sigh*

  6. Karima says:

    Mmm looks good – I like it when traditional foods continue through the generations.
    Karima´s last blog post ..Fabric Leaf Picture Tutorial

  7. Anisa says:

    Assalamu Alaykum,

    I tried the recipe yesterday and alhamdulillah, it went really well. They were funny shapes but insha’Allah that will get better with practice but for now I’ll just say they are luqaimat with character! My husband said they were good but should have been a little more crunchy on the outside. Insha’Allah next time I’ll cook them just a little longer and serve them immediately after frying them. I’m wondering if they got a little soft because I made them early in the day and then put them in a plastic container after they cooled down. Then we ate them after iftar. Oh well, alhamdulillah, both my husband and I were very happy with how they came out. Thanks again for the recipe.

  8. Noora says:

    I don’t think I can make this yet since I’m not so good at cooking, I think I have to start with something easier, but I want to be able to make these inshaAllah, it looks yummi. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Ramadhan mobarak from me. 🙂
    Noora´s last blog post ..Ramadhan day 15

  9. tima says:

    This is my favourite Ramadhan dish!! Many Thanks for this video, I discovered you today & I’m already in love with your blog, youtube videos & your business. Mashallah! Asante for your positive contributions & May Allah bless you & reward you for your efforts 🙂

  10. Ana Karenina says:

    Salaam from Texas. Jazakkah Allahu khayr Mayya. I have perfect my luqmat because of this post. It takes a beautiful heart to share their favorite recipe. Mashallah,
    Thank u

  11. Fathin says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I tried it and it turned out well. The luqaimat was delicious.My husband and children love them. May Allah reward you for sharing the recipe .Thank you again.

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  13. Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. I am teaching my Girl Scouts about different cultures and their cuisines for their Thinking Day celebration, and these fit perfectly as they had chosen to present UAE to other troops.

    Your video saved me — my batter would have been far too thick otherwise!

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • mayya says:

      Hi Kelly
      Aww I am so glad that the recipe came in handy I really should post more recipes, hope the luqaimats turned out well.
      Much love from Oman

  14. Masuma says:

    Hi Maya. Love these dumplings which we call Gulgula. I was putting into sugar syrup direct after frying so they were turning soft. And even i was not puting rice or corn flour so that must b othwr reason as well. U saved me sis. Shehre Ramadhan Kareem dear nd remember in your Duas.

  15. Masuma says:

    Hi dear. I did the luqaimat and they were very crispy when I fried. But when I added to the sugar syrup they became soft. Pls help.

  16. Allya says:

    I loved the way you explained urself and I am trying it today since is Ramadan need some sweets.

  17. Nadyah Hilmi says:

    ASA sister. I dont have corn flour, can i just use all purpose flour without the corn flour?
    Ramadan Mubarak

    • mayya says:

      Salam Nadyah

      All purpose flour wont do as that is the main ingredient for the luqaimat, however to substitute the cornflour you can use rice flour or custard powder.

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