Creative ways to organize & decorate your sewing room

You all know how much i LOOOVEE to sew and create but another hobby that i’ve discovered that i enjoy is decorating. So when you combine sewing and interior decorating you get me ALL excited {eeek} “insert cheecky grin here”

When one is fortunate enough to have a space to create in, we crafters tend to go that extra mile in decorating our sewing space. I personally feel that my sewing room is my secret hide out, my space to create, a place that makes me happy, and i just NEED for it to be perfect for me.

In other words it should “inspire me to create” and that can only happen if everything is PERFECT! Yes perfection is one of the main characteristics as a virgo.  A charming Virgo woman is perfectionist and realistic in nature. The main characteristics of Virgo woman are honesty, perfection, sincerity and dependability.” Dont believe me, like here to learn more about the character of a virgo, this analysis describes me.

Anyway back to the topic at hand i was going to share with you my favorite sewing rooms which you can see here here and here so this time i thought i would share creative ways to organise your crafting space.

Gotta love how Halsey of Spunky Junky organises her ribbons…want to make one? simply click on the pic for the how to !


I’ve always wanted a thread holder but never managed to get my hands on one, but now i think i am going to MAKE myself one..yes you read me right! Grey Luster Girlshares a tutorial on how to make one, i love the one she has made, its soo pretty!


Want to organise your ribbons? Then all you need is a trouser hanger and your ribbons!

This will be something else i incorporate in my sewing space, saw the idea on The Cottage Mama

When it comes down to organising you dont really need a lot, make use of what you have just like what Tara did in her craft room, love how she used a strainer, a basket, plastic bins, bows i mean she took what she had and made it work!

Click here to view more of her craft room on flickr!


Another thing that helps keep things organised especially tools are pegboards found this on the Quilting Board Fourm

The are ideal speaking of peg boards -if anyone knows where i can find then in Oman- please let me know..My sewing room is begging you!

  • Would love to hear  what are your favorite ways to organise your stuff ?
by mayya


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5 Responses to Creative ways to organize & decorate your sewing room

  1. Laila says:

    Mayya – you could try to find the peg boards either on Honda Road or at Danube building supply. 😉

  2. Zahra says:

    I absolutely love your blog. I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks 😀
    Where do you buy your sewing supplies/tools from? do you buy them locally in Oman or online? I’m searching for a rotary cutters, rotary rulers and cutting mat.

    and do you know where to buy Brother sewing machines? I have my eye on a couple but I only found them in the UAE.

    Thank you for inspiring me to finally give in to my craving to learn sewing. I used to hand sew clothes for my barbies when I was little and I still have them after 13+ years XD

  3. Karima says:

    please CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Magnolia says:

    Mayya..i miss the days when you used to post DAILY!
    Hope youre well dear..

  5. Karen says:

    Thanks for this post. I think I have that white basket around here somewhere left over from my teaching days. I certainly have a need to tame my collection of ribbon. Now if I can just find it…

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