Just when you think things get better

they get worse LOL

Life is really funny sometimes, just as i blogged that i am back and will be blogging full time what happens? Both my daughters get sick and that means its Mummy Duty Full time! Which leaves this Mama all worn out and exhausted he he he

Anyway alhamdulilah the girls are better now and to prove that i have been busy in my sewing room :)

Want to have a look at what i have been up to?

I am {LOVING} this book which is as it says The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam who blogs at U-Handblog it has everything you need to know about bag making, so excited to know that she is writing another book which will be in two parts *yikes* cant wait!

Well this is my mini fabric stash LOL it is definitely a lot smaller from what i had in my back in Oman

I am currently working on sewing new products for the shop launch and simply trying different fabrics…and simply had to have the Paris fabric with the Eiffel tour, its so cute!

With regards to decorating my space this is what i am working with

Lots of strips of crepe paper to create


Can you guess what i will be using them for?

(oh and had a look at the shop design its looking super cutee)


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4 Responses to Just when you think things get better

  1. Rummy says:

    It’s about time you are back in action. You’ve been missed..!! Welcome back and am glad the girls are feeling way better 😉

  2. Chiara says:

    Oh, we just experienced that at our house too! It has been one crazy winter of germs! My son’s eardrum ruptured yesterday (sigh), but now the pain is better at least (doctor didn’t find the infection on Friday when I took him in and it ruptured Monday. Now he is on meds and should be himself again).
    Every time normal starts again, someone seems to get sick. I hope you are all healthy again now.
    Thank you for the sweet words about my fabric flower favors. They were fun to make. I love the yellow too–so soft and buttery! I just became your newest follower! Thank you!

  3. clo says:

    hey Mayya great to hear from you. where are you buying your fabric from? what is the market like over there. notions etc. I like lisa’s blog i followed it a while ago when I thought I wanted to make more bags.
    clo´s last blog post ..Easter Cakes

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