Everyone Meet Rory


It is with great pleasure that i introduce you to my new Best Friend Forever (BFF) the fierce, the powerful the creme de la creme of sewing machines the

Bernina Aurora QE 440 aka as Rory ❤

Rory is 1 year old and was previously owned by a Malaysian crafter Azie who blogs at My little touch. She nicknamed her Rory from Aurora…cute right?

As much as Azie loved Rory she decided to let her go because she rarely sewed on it. Azie has another machine which she uses and bought the Bernina with the intention of starting quilting classes but as many of you know life gets in the way and our plans change.

So rather than let Rory gather dust she decided to sell her..
I was having a pretty hard time finding the right sewing machine most of the ones i found were too basic and i was contacting malaysian crafters to find out where they bought their sewing machines from which is how i got in touch with Azie.

Bernina sewing machines are simply a drrrrreeeeeeeeam to sew on quoting Bernina ” Nothing sews like a Bernina. NOTHING ” and they are right! Click here to read more about my Rory

Its an investment of a life time when i discovered Berninas last year i always told myself i will buy myself a Bernina but didnt think that it would be so soon. The day Azie informed me she was selling her Bernina my heart litteraly skipped a beat…i just HAD to have her!

I went online and read reviews about her and was SUPER EXCITED to find out that not only did the Auroa have great reviews this machine can also double up as an embroidery machine!! All i you need is to purchase the software and you are good to go! YES! YES!

Ahh i feel truly blessed alhamdulilah to be able to own such a powerful beauty, i know the two of us are going to get along i just feel it!

Oh i could go and on about how much i {LOVE} my Bernina however i plan on doing a proper review on her so will save it until then.

Rory is my 3rd sewing machine, i learned how to sew on a Janome JD 1818 a basic sewing machine was is great for a beginner,when my mother saw how serious i was about sewing bought me the Janome Quilter’s Companion 6260 which i left with my mother back home in Oman.
Bernina have a dealer in Malaysia which is re-assuring so i know my Bernina will be well looked after and will receive the care she needs to continue sewing beautifully :)

I shall leave you with once last pic of my ❤ Rory & i ❤


I would love to hear from you

{Question} What sewing machines do you have? and are you best buddies, or still getting to know each other? What did you name your sewing machine?

by mayya


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14 Responses to Everyone Meet Rory

  1. Fantastic post. You and Rory are made for each other! Cute pics.

  2. Zura says:

    Beautiful machine Mayya! Can’t wait to see the masterpieces created out of your rory! :)
    Zura´s last blog post ..Lots of Accessories Sewing

  3. Nima says:

    I’m very happy for you mayya…It’s my dream machine too…

    I’m sure you are are going to love it.
    Nima´s last blog post ..More the merrier…confession of a ‘bag-a-holic’

  4. Toni says:

    Enjoy Rory! I bought a Bernina a few years back after learning to sew on an old Sears machine and then an old Pfaff. Love my Bernina!

  5. Carylanne says:

    Oh Mayya, how happy I am to see you with your new machine. I do all my work on Janome 10001 and my dream machine is the newest Memory Craft 11000se. But as we all know machines of this caliber are very expensive. I have had my Janome, also a second hand machine, for 6 years and use it daily to create all sorts of goodies. I adore embroidery as you know. Once i was a fabri-holic, then in 2005 thread took first priority. I have an extensive collection of polyester and rayon threads. Have fun buying all the great tools and supplies, but be careful to only buy good threads, some on the market are not wound very good and they will break while doing high speed embroidery. At the same time, it is not necessary to pay overly for threads; there are good sites to order from at a reasonable price. I pay no more than $3.79 per 1000 meters for 40wt. threads, and watch for coupons and BOGOS for threads. Write to me and I will send you some information on stabilizers as well. It is fun to share knowledge.
    Love to you and the girls, and happy stitching.

  6. Yan says:

    Oh my… I’m dreaming on! I used to have Singer Tradition but give it to my mum (replacing her old Singer). Now, I’m in love with my new Bernette C92.

    I’m looking forward to own an embroidery machine some day, till then I hope I’ll do more sewing.. stop for a while these days…

    Congrats on your (our) dream machine… ohhh… I am so concealing my jealousy to you!

  7. Erika says:

    Oh, I’m very new to sewing and I’m still getting used to my Janome 2008. It’s a very very simple machine, but it suits me fine for what I’m doing now. As I don’t know how far my sewing experiences will go, I do not have a dream machine yet :)

  8. Tanya H. says:

    Very nice!

    I have a few machines. My ‘main’ machine is a Janome MC 6600P. Beautiful machine with lots of capabilities, but I’m unhappy with her reliability — or lack thereof. Reviews are generally good, so I think mine might be a lemon.

    My other is a HV MegaQuilter. Straight stitch only, but runs beautifully, and I’ve never had a problem.

    There’s also a basic Brother (first machine I bought for myself!), an antique Singer (converted from treadle), and my newest — a Janome cover stitch. Love!
    Tanya H.´s last blog post ..Plastic bag holder

  9. Sophia says:

    Hey Mayya,
    I started out with a Singer Smart II, very basic, but then my uncle brought me from the US my new love: the Singer Advance! She’s my best friend and I am so psyched with her. We’re the best of friends :) You can read a bit about her on my blog too.
    XO from Athens

  10. Zaidah says:

    Trying yo buy a benina but cant seem to find it in malaysia. Any idea?

  11. Gik Kim Teh says:

    Please let me know where can I purchase a Bernina sewing machine ? Desperate to buy one ..help ,

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