Product Photography: Tips on taking better pictures of your products

Most of my readers know that I love to spend time reading crafty/sewing/DIY related blogs, I simply get inspired by their projects and makes me want to create!

We all love pictures on blogs don’t we?(well I do) and a good picture catches my interest and makes me want to see, read and hopefully SHOP 😀

Perfect Pouch from Sew Chic and Unique will be available online once shop is launched mid 2011 (SOON)

Photography has become something major for any blogger, especially a blogger who runs an online business. The pictures are what makes or breaks the deal. Right?!

Don’t worry if you dont own a DSLR camera (you know those BIG fancy beautiful cameras)

-Photo Credit-

because most of us have a point and shoot  camera click here to see mine and that will work perfectly to take beautiful pictures of your products.

To ensure that you get a good pictures almost every time you have to keep the following in mind:

Light – Good light = good pictures by light i dont mean using the flash  as its not always good because you get TOO much light and get a shadow effect in the background. Natural light is the best however many opt to use a light box which is basically just like the name says a box with light LOL 

Recommended Reading: Picture Perfect by Keyka Lou

Homemade Light Box for Product Photography by Studio Lighting

Use Props – Pictures should be clear of clutter, the picture has to look professional  you want the customer to focus on the item, and by having too many things going on in the background might distract them.

However it is recommended to use a prop take this picture as an example

-Photo Credit-

Maggie from Gussy who is the creator of behind the headband uses a bottle as a prop to show off  the headband, very clever and cute! check out her shop Gussy Sews for great stuff especially if you like ruffles 😉

Recommended reading: Give Props: How to Style your photos via Etsy Blog

Focus – I cant not stress enough on the importance of focus, because without it you get something like this

Blurrryyy its not that bad in this pic but its not clear…and its kind of irritating.

Apart from not seeing anything the person might get the impression that you are trying to hide something and might not buy your item based on that.

Recommended reading: Staying Sharp: Achieving Clarity and Crispness in your photos via Etsy

Before i end this post i SERIOUSLY advise you read  Photographing your Handmade Items by Jessica of Allora Handmade who shared her  great tips with Gussy :)

That’s my two cents on the subject  i would love to read your comments on your tips and tricks on getting that picture perfect.

by mayya


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5 Responses to Product Photography: Tips on taking better pictures of your products

  1. Pearlin J says:

    great post and very useful links as always.

  2. Nima says:

    Thank you so much for all the links…so nice of you to share it all
    Nima´s last blog post ..Graduating Cathedral window

  3. Janet says:

    Great post, thanks.. I always have troubles with my photo’s. I think I need a real person in my photo’s as it is really hard for people to see how my little hats fit.. uhhh will keep trying. thanks

  4. Virginia says:

    I like your blog. I part of Indie Biz 3.0 too. I ended up here by pics of your sewing room. =)

    • Mayya says:

      Hi Virginia
      Thanks for stopping by yeah “old” sewing room had to sell everything and pack up to move to Malaysia!
      So will be decorating another sewing room very soon!

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