Where i shop for fabric pt 3

Now that you’ve seen my two favorite Modern Fashion Home & Zuraiq in Al Khod. Now let’s head down town to Al Khuwair and stop by Al Bawader. It is located in the Al Khuwair souq. When you get to Radisson Hotel take the way as if you wanted to go to the garden which is opposite the Hotel. Continue straight and you should find it on your left.

I came to know about this lovely shop in one of the chatty crafters mornings  with Isra, Laila & Alia. Oh how i miss those meet ups.

This shop sells beautiful fabrics especially the cotton selection is…… well why not have a look

Want to see more?

Aren’t these  elephants cute? they would make great pyjamas and its unisex dont you think?

See told you great stuff and there is much much more

One word of advice make sure you give yourself LOTS of time as they are lots of great stuff and you have to search for the great stuff!

That’s it ladies this ends my series of where i buy my fabrics in Oman :)

Happy Fabric Shopping

by mayya


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12 Responses to Where i shop for fabric pt 3

  1. Can I say how completely jealous I am? I have no real selection of material and only one store to even venture to. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? Yah, thought so.
    B @ Sweet Limes´s last blog post ..Handy Dandy

    • Mayya says:

      Only one fabric store! Now that is sad!
      Thank god for the internet then as we can always order fabric online. As much as as you find that i am lucky but there are still fabrics that i wish i found here the choices are very, VERY limited and well i try my best to make the most of it!

  2. Wow, this reminds me of the Garment District in Los Angelos, CA, USA. It is shop after shop of fabrics of all types and they expect you to argue over the price. It is so much fun to shop there! I miss it! I now live on the east coast of the US, and there isn’t anything quite like it around here. You are so fortunate to have so many choices! I love the things you make, they are beautiful!
    Melissa Martin´s last blog post ..Walmart Lovin

    • Mayya says:

      Thank you Melissa :)
      Seems the fabric shops are very simliar as you are expected to bargain for the price!
      Sorry to hear that you are not able to fabric shop now that you’ve moved

  3. clo says:

    LOL I got some of the elephant fabric the other day to make a car seat/capsule cover for bubs seat.

    laila made a good point the other day when she said he should have a big clear out sale and get rid of his old stock as it really can be a struggle to get to teh back rolls (particularly when pregnant 😉 ).

    I loved the skulls too but could not think of a good use.

    I miss our mornings too.

    • Mayya says:

      I have been thinking of something to make for that elephant fabric i really fell in love with it and think it would look great as a car seat cover.
      Yes i totally agree big clear out sale would be a SUPER Idea but i doubt he will do it!
      The chatty crafters was a fun way to chat and sew :) which reminds me i have yet to finish the Amy Butler bag we started !!!

  4. Belinda says:

    If anyone see’s any bumble bee material, please let me know, thanks

  5. Nawal ( hejabi Taji Boutique ) says:

    WOW… I always go there with my mom and id never seen all those beautiful cotton cloth,especialy the burberry ones, seems im always in a hurry but not anymore :p

    Thanx for sharing this :)

  6. Zack says:

    Gafoor Trading New branch opening soon in alqurum Alarimi Complex you can find different quality of fabrics, craft and tailoring material

  7. Rasika says:

    amazing work, being a thirsty fashion designer, my search ends here.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hi Mayya, thanks for posting this information.. I’ve been interested in reading your blog posts as I’m coming to live in Muscat soon and really enjoy sewing.. Any more advice on meet ups and fabric stores is very appreciated^


  9. kishor says:

    hi all, there is a wonderful fabric store in Sabco commercial center, Al Qurum, its on 1st floor on sabco, and the best outlet in oman with huge collection of fabrics and accessories. must visit.

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