The start of my sewing resolution

One of my crafty goals which i talked about on the fourm i mentioned that i am going to go through each and every project of a sewing book i bought a while back.

I thought it would be ideal for you to actually see what book it is and what is in store for me :)

The book is called Learn to Sew by Chris Jefferys

I bought it in Borders about a year ago but never got to really sew anything from it.

 Take a look a peak inside

I like how the instructions are so clear and they break it down for you, you know?

I am sure Hadeel would love this, and i bet she would want it in red too LOL

 Mitred corners hmm something i am looking forward to trying

 These chair covers for some off reason remind me of my grandmother’s dining room ..

So as you can see i have my work cut out for me and looking forward to covering the basics.

Will of course blog about each of the projects i made

Warm stitches

by mayya


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2 Responses to The start of my sewing resolution

  1. Renae says:

    Fantastic!!! How many books do we all buy and flick through them, then place them up on the bookshelf thinking, ‘I must make something out of there one day..’ Great idea and I am looking forward to seeing all those great projects made!! (Mitred corners – have fun lol!!)

  2. Franziska says:

    I am looking forward to seeing all of your projects!

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