Want to meet up for Coffee?

You must be all wondering where i have been, as i havent blogged since Wednesday!

Terribly sorry for the absence but i have not been feeling well, i had a very sore throat and have lost my voice. I get this yearly and always lose my voice as a result of it. I am so glad i dont have a cold i just HATE colds the runny nose, the constant sneezing URGHHH if i could choose i would gladly choose having a sore throat over getting a cold.

One of the things i hate about being sick is that it just throws your schedule off. You plan on doing things but you get sick your body gives up and you end up doing NOTHING! In other words i didnt manage to get any sewing done.

I have sooo many projects i need to work on, one of them is a ring pillow for a very, very dear friend of mine who is getting married on Tuesday :) I have started it and i am nearly done i just need to FINISH it LOL so hopefully will do that today.

I would like to run an idea by you and let me know what you think….

As most of you know i am still trying to sort out the financial aspect of setting up my business, read more about it here

The other problem i face is because i dont have a shop per se delivering the finished goods can take days, especially when the customer lives at the other end of town and finding time to meet is not easy.

coffee (Picture taken from the web)

So i have decided that i will set a date during the week say a Monday and head to a coffee shop where i will be for approx 2 hours in the afternoon and during that time customers who have placed orders, anyone intersted in seeing my products or you just want to have coffee with me can stop by.

I was thinking of maybe of Glacier in Al Khuwair I of course will run this idea by the management of which ever coffee shop i choose.

What do you think of that? will it work? what will be the problems i face do you think?

You are probably thinking why dont i start my own shop?

The answer is because i still need to be home for my kids. Running a business isnt easy and you need to put it in a lot of time at the beginning and that would mean my family time and i am not ready to give that up yet. My kids still need me and i gave up my day job to be with them so it kind of defeats the whole purpose if i get into this now.

I am also looking for shops that will be willing to sell my products, i have a couple in mind so will be approaching them soon in sha Allah. However if you have any suggestions of shops  let me know and i would also like to hear your thoughts on what i suggested above.

Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to reading your comments

by mayya


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5 Responses to Want to meet up for Coffee?

  1. Warda says:

    Salamat hon…hope u feel better soon

    As for the meeting ppl at coffee shops and the like…can i suggest a place like Bareeq il Shatti or the MQ area since it would mean you can drop your kids to play at the kids areas there n you can enjoy your coffee/tea n gathering with potential clients. Just an idea

    :) waiting for my special sew item once you get better

    • mayya says:

      Allah esamalik Warda thanks for the suggestion i love the idea!

      I will have to drive down to see what are the coffee shops in the area, i must admit its been AGES since i have been in Shatti. I usually stick to this part of town due to the heavy traffic!

  2. Isra says:

    I think MQ might be a better option as it is seen as “central” these days. So sorry that this cold has dragged on, give that snotty fairy her marching orders now!!!
    Mayya does afternoon work for most of your customers? I find most want to pick up in the morning when the kids are in nursery etc? Maybe that won’t work for you? Either way I will come and say hi when you have decided on a place. As for opening a shop – I fully understand your reluctance it is a HUGE step to take.

  3. kim says:

    Hey you!


    I think its a GREAT idea.

    Some people opt for an OPEN HOUSE also.

    MAybe someones place thats near to town..

    Glaciers is good, kids can have thier waffles!

    Bareeq has a kid corner area, but would you want them to play in the middle of the week?

    miss u!!

    I have GOOD news, ill call you later


  4. Hi, I browsed your blog while searching yahoo for coffee maker. Your blog is really good and I like the theme. Just thought would let you know that I have subscribed to your rss feed. Also on a couple of pages I encountered a server error and after refreshing a couple of times was able to view the pages. Thanks

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