Super handy Wallet Sewing Tutorials

This week i am going to show you how you can make super cute and might i add very handy wallets to store you bits and pieces.

This particular one is a sewing bag, to keep your sewing supplies handy when you travel, however it could work for anything really.

Oh and before i forget remember to check out one cool wallet sewing tutorial in my Bag and Wallets tutorial list

Macville Road Sewing Bag

Get the tutorial from Mackville road

Lola Nova shows you how to make a summer wallet


I found this credit card wallet on craftster by Yonorris14

Credit card wallet

Another one wallet i found on crafster this one is by Aneesah

Aneesah wallet

A tea wallet? Isnt this a cool idea?

Tea Wallet

Get the how to from Is it nap time?

Here is another version of a tea wallet

tri fold tea wallet

Krystal shares her way of making one

Last but not least  i had to share you with is this cute wallet from Sew Christine

Super Cute Wallet Sew Chiristine

by mayya


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