The Cutest Pincushions Tutorials Ever

 So for this week i thought i would feature pincushions because lets face it what would we do without them?

 I dont only have them in my sewing room, you will find one in my dressing room too because i find them very handy  for holding my scarf pins :)

Here are the cutest pincushions

Did someone say doughnut?


Tutorial by Fave Crafts

 This is so handy it looks like a flower and the petals are actually compartments for your threads!


Monkeyroom shows you how its done

 How about making one from a baby jar?

food jar

Get the tutorial at Craft Pudding

 This pincushion was made using a toilet roll, not bad huh?

Fantabulous pinchusion

Craftblog shows you do its done

 if you dont mind bugs how about this?

itty bitty bug

Make this cute bug with goody-goody

 I love this wild flower pincushion by Anna Maria Horner

flower Pin AMH

 Ashley  from Make it and Love it warns that this is a quick one to do :)

pin cushion

Pincushion cuff?

pincushion cuff

Head over to Instructables for the how to

Oh this ring i can make!

pincushion ring

Another one i found on Instructables

 and the cutest of them all is and my fav is

Cupcake 030

this cupcake by Crativity Amongst Chaos


Are you a pincushion addict? how many do you have lying around?

You know my favorite which is yours?


by mayya


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4 Responses to The Cutest Pincushions Tutorials Ever

  1. Nima says:

    thank you for posting these links….got some beautiful ideas

  2. Raya says:

    veeeery trendy and cuuuuute!!! :)

  3. kim says:

    Cup cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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