Loving this pouch

I made this boxy pouch which i am so LOVING right now as an attempt to find something to fit all the bulky make up items (bronzer, compact pwd) that wont go in a make up roll unless you like Big and Chunky!

Boxy pouch Front view

I made it using this great tutorial i found on Modern Quilt Love

However most of us ladies like to simply carry the touch up items so as many of my readers suggested i make the small make up roll

Makeup roll Tester 1 rolled out

which i blogged about here 

Of course the pouch and make up roll will co ordinate- this was just a test pouch made with some IKEA fabric  

Peek inside

have a peek an what goes inside

Items that fit

 The pouch turned out to be the prefect size big enough to fit in the above yet small enough to carry in your bag.

I lined it with a stripy fabric


Hubby was impressed and said that it looked very professional like something you would buy at a store!!  that is what i call a compliment 😀

I love the fact that it can be used for so many things sewing supplies, jewellery. I love it so much i am thinking of selling them alone too and as a set with the make up roll.

I would have taken the measurements but my sister in law fell in love with it and as she gave the the fabric she could have it :)

Oh and did you notice my name as the zipper pull? isnt that cute or what?

The beaded name was made by Joy and i have asked her to teach me how to so i can make them and sell them on SCU!!!

Side view zipper

So whats the verdict?

Do you like it? and do you think it goes well with the make up roll?

Please share your honest opinion i dont mind constructive feedback as long as it helps me create beautiful handmade products :)

by mayya


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14 Responses to Loving this pouch

  1. Queen Nusy says:

    OMG i loved them… can’t wait to buy them once out 😀

  2. Carrie says:

    It looks so great! Very nice.

  3. Joan says:

    DITTO!!! You did a GREAT job! I can believe how many things can be stored in that pouch! Awesome.
    Have a fun day!
    Joan @

  4. Um R&R says:

    Its lovely…and as your husband said it looks really professional.. Cant wait to buy it as well…

    BTW, I have more orders for the organiser =).. I am in love with it and have friends who are asking about it…

    • mayya says:

      Thanks Um R&R :)

      Oh really i am glad that you like it i am no longer taking orders as i am busy sewing for the launch of the shop so they will be able to buy them online in sha Allah

  5. kim says:


    I love ittttttt!


    Cancel Every other order if needed, i want it plsssssssss =)

    I know ur busy, but once its done, keep me one


  6. Nima says:

    wow…that looks fabulous…beautiful finishing with a professional touch…beautiful idea to use the personalised zipper pull

  7. Preeta says:

    hey mayya,
    That one looks wonderful!! From where did you manage to get those beads with the letters? Its really gives a personal touch.

  8. Raya says:

    Very cuuuuuuute and FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

    Excellent Job!!! You get an A* for this one!!!!;P;P

    yaaaaay am back to school..finally!!!

  9. HipChic Desisng says:

    Mayya, love the pouch. This is a design I have been wanting to play around with. Going on vacation so will have to make some.

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