For the girl who loves red

First of all  i have to thank everyone who wished Hadeel a happy brithday those who commented on my blog, on facebook, on forums it was very sweet of you :)

Its been busy in my household for there has been a lot of hugs, kisses, gifts unwrapping, thanks yous, baking, decorating and eating :) and not enough of blogging and sewing !

I think i am excused its not everyday that your daughter turns 4!! lol

Keeping to my new year resolution to make all my handmade gifts Hadeel being my daughter had to have something special.

Now before i show you what i made for my sweetie pie i have to warn you there is a lot of RED because its her favorite colour, other mums suffer with pinks i suffer with red.

I decided to make Hadeel a tote bag but soon reaslied that most of the totes i have tutorials for are for women so the bag will end up looking a little too big for her.

 I searched online and found this cute purse tutorial  from Getting crafty which is exactly what i had in mind :)


 This is how mine turned out

Purse for Hadeel

I used red for the exterior and lined it with strawberry printed fabric and to personalise it i appliqued the letter h and used red ribbon for the handle.

Here is a closer look at it

H for Hadeel

 I filled the bag with goodies and she loved it 😀

A purse made her day but i wanted to make her something else, something that she would use everyday and *ta da- had a light bulb moment* which was to make her a pencil roll which she could use for school!

There are lots of crayon roll tutorials but for school she is going to be using pencils. Now the things is i wanted to it be different and found this great tutorial by My Patchwork.

It  is to make a 24 rainbow pencil roll = PERFECT!

Pencil Roll for Hadeel

Rainbow Pencil Roll

The idea is to have fabric strips match the colours of the pencils and to lay them out to create a rainbow effect i simply loved the idea and i think it turned out great.

Here it is rolled up and yes it is in red

All rolled up

A girl has to have some cake and nothing better than RED velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting *yum*

Hadeel Red Velvet cupcakes

I loved the pink and blue frosting

Pink and Blue frosting

Check this post for the recipe

Hadeel was very happy with her gifts and hearing ” Mama made a red bag for me with the letter H” was all worth it :)

by mayya


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24 Responses to For the girl who loves red

  1. Um R&R says:


    The pencil roll looks great and since i know nothing about sewing, I might pace an order for 2 when my girls start school =)

  2. What a lucky little girl! The bag is so cute with that little h in it. And the cupcakes? Wow, you are so talented!

  3. Nami says:

    Oh I wish I was there to see her reaction. I am gonna ask her about it when I see her today in shaa Allah. No wonder she was all smiles when I saw her yesterday, now I know why :)

  4. Nima says:

    Oh…Mayya….i’m sure hadeel must be really happy, with her creative mom…
    The bag looks awesome….i love the ‘h’ in strawberry fabric. The pencil roll is superb idea…it is very handy for her to carry to school. I’m sure her friends moms will be in trouble to find this unique pencil case (lol). cupcakes look yummy too..

  5. Washi says:

    Wow Mayya, Hadeel’s red bag is stunning masha’Allah…I just finished making 3 (very different) red knitted bags for my nieces for Eid…wish I didn’t have such a morbid fear of the sewing maching…I swear the thing hates me 😀

    • mayya says:

      Thanks Washi had a look at the bags you are making very cute!
      Fear of sewing machines? are you kidding me? it seems you got on the wrong foot i think you need to join Sew IT :)

  6. Alia says:

    Masha’allah! What a lucky little girl indeed! What pleasure it must have given you to do this for her! Mabrook!

  7. laila says:

    How lucky the both of you are!

  8. Ghalia says:

    Amazing gifts! A red tote bag lined with strawberry covered fabric?! I love! & the amount of work that must’ve gone into making that pencil roll with all the different strips, AND the cupcakes… Hadeel’s one lucky kid!
    Question: how’d you get the two-toned frosting to do that? Did you just fill the bag half & half vertically?

    • mayya says:

      Thanks Ghalia and yeah the pencil was time consuming but oh so worth it in the end to see her expression once she realised what it was and how it could be used she LOVED it 😀

      Yes for the two toned frosting, easy right? i just loved the effect :)

  9. Teresa says:

    Thanks for linking back to my tutorial. Great red fabrics you used.

  10. Nadia says:

    I’m so IN LOVE With that pencil roll! I’m a stationary freak, so it hit the spot. I’m tempted to make an organizer for my makeup custom-made that fits my exact brands of blush and mirror, etc! Thanks for the inspiration, and happy birthday to Hadeel!

  11. Standy says:

    mashallah this is cute!!!
    loved the pencil roll.. very creative.. mashallah

    Hadeel must be over the moon 😀

  12. Dee says:

    So glad you were able to use the handbag tutorial! The bag turned out great! I love the pencil roll as well. What a fun birthday gift! She is one lucky girl.

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  14. JT says:

    What a super birthday Hadeel must have had. The pencil roll is a really cute idea!

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