Boys Clothes Sewing Tutorial

Have you ever tried searching for something you could make for a boy?! If you havent let me tell you it so very, very hard to find  sewing tutorials  for  boys.

Yes you guessed it, you can find tons of sewing ideas/tutorial for girls because lets be honest here they are just many more styles  that you can play around with as opposed to the top and pants for the little guys.

This is not going to be a long list of tutorials for obvious reasons :)

Wouldnt your boy look cute in this? Mushroom villagers shares her tutorial

Eddie Cap


Check out how Heather from Dollar Store Crafts to made these cute pair of shorts from a dish towel

Dish towel shorts


How about making a super cape with this tutorial from KC Quilts

Super Cape


Who wants pyjama pants? click here on how to make them

pyjama pants


and more pants you can make your own this tutorial is by handy projects



last pant tutorial i promise lol this one is different because it is made using a long sleevedt- shirt Rookie Moms shows you how its done

tshirt into pants


Make a tie for you little man with this tutorial by purl bee


 Hope  some inspiration to make something for the little guy in your life :)

by mayya


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6 Responses to Boys Clothes Sewing Tutorial

  1. glenna says:

    Yes it is very hard to find things for boys. I recently made some ties from a wonderful little pattern. The designer is Megan, and is the sweetest person. I will soon be holding a pattern giveaway for this pattern in a few weeks.

  2. Nima says:

    yes Mayya….ehat you said is right. It is hard to find tutorial for handmade things for boys…..thank you so much for these links.

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  5. Thanks for all these awesome links!!! I need to make my little guys some ties asap!

  6. Christi says:

    Thank you for posting these links! I can’t wait to make something with some train fabric I just got!

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