Sewing tutorials for a basket or two

This is one thing i am sure many will appreciate :) I am sure you all have bits and piece lying around in the room, and if you dont then you are lucky :)
Making your own basket/boxes is fun cause you could make them in any colour and as MANY as you want :)


Isnt this basket cute?  Ayumills from Pink Penguin show you how to make it


These trim boxes were made by All buttoned up


Ahh what a beauty find this tutorial on Orange Flower Patterns


Here is another one from Small Fry & CO


Love the shape of this one which is made by foo fangle


These lovelies were made by Jcaroline

and for those who already have baskets how about making some cute liners ?

Check this one made by Ashley she shows you how to cover yours  at Make it and Love it


I hope you enjoy these tutorials see you next Tuesday :)

by mayya


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2 Responses to Sewing tutorials for a basket or two

  1. kim says:


    i think i wana learn how to sewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    ill need an intensiVE course..

    lemme know


    i think ill need a sewing machine first!


    See uu


    • mayya says:

      Thats great Kim seems like my addiction is rubbing off on you heh
      yes a sewing machine will be VERY good idea i posted the supplies you need to get you started here

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