Makeup Roll Tester pt1

Since hosting my giveaway i have kind of postponed working on the design of the roll due personal reasons. However now that i have my niece to look after the kids, i got no excuse!

So i decided to dedicate today as the makeup roll day :)

Now before i show you what i came up with i need to explain a few things. After the giveaway ended and choosing a winner and collating all answers from the giveaway i’m like now i have to design the roll…yeah great but how do i do that!?

I really had no idea on how to start designing a pattern, i mean people study pattern designin and i am supposed to just whip one up?! then i thought ok if i cant do one i can find someone who does <—-easy.

So off i went and searched for pattern designers and sent them emails but none of them were free to dedicate thier time for a pattern. Because you see lots of hours goes into making a pattern.

I also posted topics in forums asking for help but got very little response. Except for Cindy from Random Charm who helped me out by suggesting various ways of getting what i want . Thanks Cindy for offering your help, i really appreciate it :)

After i realised that i would have to end up doing this on my own i decided that i would look for tutorials make a couple of rolls and then modify them to make them my own.

This is make up roll tester 1 Makeup roll tester 1

Here it is rolled out with flap

Makeup roll Tester 1 rolled out

Flap opened (the pockets are empty because i didnt have all my makeup with me and was too lazy to go get them lol)

Makeup roll 1 open flap

Close up shot  of the makeup

Makeup roll close up

So what do you think of it?

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 where i will blog about my thoughts on it and the tutorial i used to make it.

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by mayya


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16 Responses to Makeup Roll Tester pt1

  1. Mayya! I’m so proud of you for trying this yourself. It looks really nice. And you really have a flair for picking fabrics that go well with the design.

  2. Nima says:

    Mayya…that looks nice. I love the fabric too…

  3. laila says:

    It looks fantastic!

  4. Nadia says:


    I’m in LOVE with it. It’s just perfect, custom designed, and the fabric is really fun. Usually makeup rolls don’t have a place for compact powder or a mirror, etc. It’s just the brushes and pencils, and even the lipstick doesn’t usually fit. Yours is perfect!

    • mayya says:

      Thanks Nadia
      This one doesnt have space for compact powder and mirror either however making a pocket for the compact powder is ok but having trouble with the mirror any ideas?

  5. Shahrazad says:

    LOVE it…
    It’s gorgeous, maybe try them with more contemporary or rather”fresh” colours, orange/green!

    How long does it take to make one?

    • mayya says:

      Thanks Shahrazad yeah i know these were fabrics i had left over so used them, will keep that in mind though :)

      It took me about 2 hours from start to finish

      I blogged about the 2nd part here

  6. Raya says:

    Well done Aunty ;P!!!
    It looks Fabulous…here I go again…can I please have one too??!!!:):)

    Thank You:D:D lol!

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  8. Firyal says:

    nice work! it is really cool!

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  10. J.Scott says:


    I am actually in the library researching and doing a spec sheet for a makeup-roll and I came across this site. Its so crazy how I thought I made up this make-up roll idea and yet you have thought about it as well. Well I am a fashion Merchandising Grad Student and I am taking this product development class. For this class I have to come up with something unique and that adds a twist on things and find a manufacturer or someone to make it but I was going to attempt to make it with a fashion design instructor at my school. I have a logo and everything for this make up roll but I would love to link up with you to get some ideas on how to make it or even pay you to make one. Please email me if you have a chance….Thanks for posting the pictures it does give me a little insight.


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