A little Flower here and there

Flowers are a cute to way to embllish any project, it could be on a jacket, a bag, a hat the list is endless.

 Here are a couple off fabric flower tutorials that you could use.


Cherry blossom by Keykalou


Neato Scrap Fabric Flower Pins by Made by Trish


Frayed fabric flower by Maize Hutton


Rolled up flower by Erin from Craft Stylish


Fluffy Flower by Artsy Crafty


Another flower by Bayou Bags



And another lovely flower from wise craft


A beautiful flower with layers by Nest Decorating



this one is made by Leigh Ann from the object project

Last but not least my favorite of them all


Flower Brooch by Julia from Primrose Corner

I hope you enjoy making these flowers and personalising your projects :)

by mayya


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5 Responses to A little Flower here and there

  1. Isra says:

    very nice, that last one is so pretty. I am a little lazy and use my YoYo maker to make flowers for embellishing and I love to use them for coordinating hair clips to the outfits I make DD. I say that and STILL they seem to get gobbled up by the hair clip monster in this house LOL.

    • mayya says:

      I was really amazed at all the different flowers we could make with just a little fabric, there are lots more but i thought this was good enough to start with.

      I am yet to use them hopefully when i make something for the girls i am sure Hadeel would want some flowers.

  2. Nima says:

    I like the last one too. It is too cute and pretty.

    Mayya….did you check your mail

  3. Raya says:


    I want one…… pllz aunty:D!!!! Thnx:D:D

    I want the pink one ” Another flower by Bayou Bags”

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