Sewing Room

The craft room has moved up and by up i mean the penthouse and i am so excited.

I traded with Hubby aka J000 I know i just recently decorated my craftroom but i needed a bigger space and my hubby needs a smaller space. Perfect!

It was painted lime green on thrusday and we exchanged rooms on friday. I now have enough space for a separate desk for my laptop, my new Canon all in one (printer, fax, copier and scanner) which i bought from COMEX.

I will have a dedicated space for my sewing machine and get this a cutting table YAY but i need to go to IKEA to get some furniture. So i need to think of how i am going to set it all up.

This time i got my inspiration from this craftroom which belongs to Aimee whol blogs at FroggyMonkey click on the picture to see more pics of the room.


I loved the lime green with the accent of red so beautiful. Plus i have all that red in my room so i needed to find a colour that would match and this is perfect.


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9 Responses to Sewing Room

  1. Nima says:

    wow…this room looks great. I like the green colour…wow…combo of green and red is awesome.

  2. Mamati says:

    Yes isnt Aimee lucky to be able to work in a room as beautiful as hers

  3. Shahrazad says:

    Gorgeous… Just looking at the colour brightens up your mood and sends shots of motivation :)

    Good luck & can’t wait to look at the actual pics of your creative corner!

  4. Stand-Alone~ says:

    i like it.. very cute and cosy.. very nice!

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  6. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for posting those cute organized craft room ideas. Each of them had something I loved about them.
    I have my sewing machine and supplies all in one closet. I just open it up and get to work. I use the bedroom that the closet is in for guests so this is the space I have to use. One thing I have learned and keep learning over again is to only have items in my work space that I use on a regular basis, the rest goes in an other area downstairs.
    This helps me from feeling overwhelmed with stuff everywhere. Keep creating!

  7. Misty Johnston says:

    This room is awesome! I was looking for ideas. Thanks so much for showing it. Have fun creating in your new space.

  8. mamati says:

    My feelings exactly Shahrazad i am working on my craft room its fairly empty now but all i need is to spend day in IKEA :)

  9. mamati says:

    Thanks Stand Alone i think its very cute too 😉

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