Exciting News

I have great news to share with you

i am going to be featured in Hi!

HI! is a free weekly newspaper which comes out every Friday and can be picked up from various locations in Oman. So make sure you pick one tomorrow to read about ME :)

I tried searching for a pic of the newspaper but was unable to get one . However, i did manage to find a picture which contains the english media in Oman (Hi is the 2nd one to your right – above Times of Oman)


Picture taken from Oman Pocket Guide

I am really excited about this i was approached by Karima who is a reporter for HI she stumbled on pictures of my organisers on facebook , found my blog and has become a regular reader ever since. When she read that i was participating at the Bank Muscat Charity Fair she came to meet me and of course ended up buying an organiser! (they are a must have item )

We instantly clicked and had lots to talk about and laugh about. She is such a sweet person and instantly makes one feel at ease. Great characteristics of a successful reporter :)

So it came as no surprise when i agreed to be interviewd by Karima. We met a few days back and its confirmed i am going to be the Omani Talent for Hi which is out tomorrow.

by mayya


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4 Responses to Exciting News

  1. Nima says:


    i will make sure i get a copy from somewhere….i usually get it from lulu or shop and save…

  2. Nima says:

    Hi Mayya…..congratulations….just got the Hi! today….good to read about you..

  3. mayya says:

    Thanks Nima i checked your blog loved the tisuue box cover, well done

  4. mamati says:

    Thanks Nima for your support

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