Bank Muscat Charity Fair

I got back from the Fair about an hour ago and my feet are aching (from all the standing) and my cheecks from all the smiling. I had so much fun and met lots of wonderful people.

It was so funny ladies would come upto to me and know all about me, or call my name! and these thoughts go through my mind (in italics)

hmmm do i know her?

she looks familiar, but i cant recall how i know her … i cant seem to remember her first sign of aging forgetfulness

and then they would ask about the girls Hadeel and Dania so then these thoughts go through my mind

ohh maybe they know my husband

or my mum (she constantly talks about her grandkids)

then finally they give my brain a rest and say i know you through you blog!! and saw your pics on facebook.

oooh my blog lol who knew lol….. i just didnt realise that so many people actually read my blog :) so thank you all for your support it was lovely meeting you all.

I am heading off to bed now and will defintely update you guys on how it went after a good night sleep :)


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0 Responses to Bank Muscat Charity Fair

  1. lcarey105 says:

    Hey Girly…haha, what an experience. You’re famous!!! Stopping by to say hello.


  2. Shimmertje says:

    LOL.. I wonder how many people read my blog? It’s nice to know you have such a great and loyal following!

  3. mamati says:

    Hey LeNesha
    me famous?! ha! far from it lol
    thanks for stopping by

    I read your blog :)

    Yeah it is really nice knowing that my blog intrests people i think the key is to be yourself.

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