Project Runway: are you IN or OUT?

When my sisters in law found out that i am into sewing, they introduced me to Project Runway.


Picture taken from Pop Curnch

Do any of you watch it?

I do and i love it, i am really not into fashion designing as such but i really love the thrill, passion and creativity this show brings. I am currently watching season 3  however i believe that its on its 5th season i have a feeling this reality show is for the long haul.

Its a bit like American Idol, but its designing clothes instead of singing. In addition there are challenges which decides if they are IN or OUT.

It is hosted by the absolutely gorgeous Heidi Klum.  16 designers are choosen from thousands of applicants.

Each week we watch how these contestants compete to make it to the top 3 that get to show case thier line at Olympus Fashion Week. The challenges consist of creating outfits on a very tight buget, with very little time and sometimes  with very unusal material.

I really enjoy watching the show makes me think i could one day sew like they do lol


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  1. L_Oman says:

    I haven’t even heard of the show so I’ll have to see if I can you tube it or order the dvd’s! :)

  2. Mamati says:

    HI L_Oman

    If you cant find them on You Tube let me know i have them on cds

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