My first Sewing Project Complete

Today i finished my first sewing project, a girl’s dress.

The dress is a bit big for my daughter the measurements  i used was a sample dress that was given to me in my sewing class.

It may look good but dont let that deceive you, i messed up the sleeves.



I did not realize when i choose the fabric that it was designed by the talented Sandi Henderson. I had no idea that her fabric was available in Oman. When i asked where she got the fabric the from i was told that Aunty S buys her fabric from Dubai.  I wish i could get more of this kind of fabric to work with i love the designs.

Today Aunty S came to me to see how i was doing and taught me how to make the sleeve, she actually sewed it onto the dress to show me how its done. She is a real darling unlike N1. I wanted to tell her that i am not very happy with N1 but thought that this being my 3rd lesson is not the right time.

I have until the end of the month so i will see how i go and i am still on the look out for a new teacher,i think i’d prefer a one on one. Shimmertje informed me that the Seeb Women Association will being sewing classes next month. I will give them a call this afternoon to find out more about it, will keep you informed.

Let me know what you think of the dress, i have bought some fabric to try and replicate what i did thats if i can remember the orders i was given lol

JUST AN UPDATE: The dress fits my daughter perfectly :)

by mayya


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6 Responses to My first Sewing Project Complete

  1. Nima says:

    wow….you have done it. Looks pretty…

  2. Shimmertje says:

    It looks good, and the sleeves look OK even if you say you messed up. It’s a wonderful achievement!

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  4. Donna G says:

    My goodness that is an impressive achievement for just a few days. I just started reading your blog from the beginning and I just know you are going to do many great things. I am looking forward to reading all your blog and seeing where you have got too. You are an inspiration and encouragement. I want to go see a dozen things right now – 2.30 am here but I have very sore feet and can’t walk. For now I dream…

  5. mamati says:

    Indeed i have, but the question is can i do it again? 😉

  6. mamati says:

    Thanks Shimmertje, i let hubby take a look at it without mentioning to him where i messed up and he instantly noticed the sleeves lol oh well i think its not bad for a first project, now onto the next one

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