My first sewing Class

I just got back from my sewing class and i am so happy. I had been waiting for approx 2 1/2 months to start but the sewing teacher was overbooked with students.

My sewing teacher is an Omani lady called Safia. I had planned on calling her Abla Safia (Teacher Safia) but i noticed that most of her students call her Aunty. So i shall follow the crowd and call her Aunty Safia aka Aunty S.

I choose Aunty Safia as a sewing teacher because when i asked about for a  good sewing teacher who lives close by ideally Mawalih but  i was willing to go to  Al Seeb, Al Khod  or even as far as Al Khuwair. However a number of refered me to Aunty Safia saying that she is a good teacher and many people have really benefited from clases. What is really great is that she teaches sewing from her home and its in Mawalih :) Her place is actually 5 mins from my house which is perfect.

Aunty S has a big room in her house which she is where she has set up 18 sewing machines (Singer, Juki, Janome), 1 Overlock machine, 5 huge tables from cutting fabric. She stocks fabric, lining material, lace, ribbons, interfacing basically she has all the necessary tools so you can buy everything from her.

I am the only beginner which is good the rest have been there for a while didnt get to talk much to the other students as we were all busy.

Aunty S mentioned that she would start by teaching me how to sew a simple girl dress. I of course will be making it from my eldest daughter  who is 3 years. She brought me sample of a dress that was made and showed me how to take measurements.

Once i learnt that i wrote the measurements down in a tailoring book (which i bought from her), and drew out the pattern. I then choose a cotton fabric(light green with big pink flowers, very pretty) which i bought for 1 RO per meter and had to copy the pattern onto the fabric.

I needed her guidance obviously otherwise i  would have been in a real mess. It looks complicated but i am sure that with practice it will soon become second nature.

I didnt get to stitch as i ran out of time and had to go pick up my eldest from school.

As a start  it was very intresting to learn how to take measurements and transfer it onto fabric it made cutting fabric so much easier.

My next class is on Monday, i will be attending classes 3 times a week (Sat, Mon and Wed) and i cant wait until Monday where the real sewing begins.


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4 Responses to My first sewing Class

  1. Nima says:

    Good to know that your sewing classes have started and you are enjoying it. Looking forward to see the pictures of your finishes.

  2. mamati says:

    Thanks Nima for your support

  3. madiha says:

    Hi….. can u please give me more info about these sewing classes. I want to join this class and learn.

  4. Sheetal Poojari says:

    Would like to know details of Sewing Classes as i wish to join the same.

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