Thank you Hubby

My darling husband created me a header! and together afterI decided exactly what i wanted lol (that took the longest time ehehe) we came up with what you see (above)

Although designing and developing websites are his passions, he is stuck in a job which he hates and doesnt have much time to do what he loves, which is a bummer!

He is still at the learning stage but with his fuel for knowlege and doing something he loves i believe he will do wonders, Thank you Habibi for your love and support and of course the cute header (which incorporates the 2 main colours of my craft room (blue and red), the background is a picture i took of the fabric i bought for the curtains from IKEA and its orginally red and white (wonders of photoshop!)

It is simple and i love it 😉


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0 Responses to Thank you Hubby

  1. Dolly says:

    Mabrook on your new header.. It looks really cute and allah yekhaleekom le ba3ath ya rab…

  2. mamati says:

    Ameen ya rab thanks Dolly for passing by and for leaving a comment :)

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