OH my isnt IKEA the best?! I mean even if you have no interior desining sense you can easily find inspirations in IKEA. Each time i visit i spend hours and hours and dont get bored. I wish i could live in IKEA, its just so cosy and homey.

I mean whats not to love?

What i love about IKEA is that thier furniture is hip, modern, there is something for everyone, a place for everything, thier furniture is affordable and thier packaging is flat so you can take it ride home with you and easy peasy instructions which means you can assemble it! What more do u want?

I really wish they open one in Oman, and i am sure i am not the only Omani with this thought as i saw more Omanis there than Emaratis!! (Emaratis are citizens of UAE)

So i went there to get stuff for my craft room (which i have finished painting by the way!) will post pics once i clean up the place.

No real reason for this post other than to say how much i love IKEA :)



I found this picture on flickr it was taken by Marc J 


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2 Responses to IKEA – I LOVE YOU

  1. Laila says:

    Lol! I just about fell off my chair laughing. I LOVE IKEA too. I have way too much ikea stuff in my house as well as too much fabric, i need help. i noticed on a previous blog that you were going to buy a cutting table, make sure you get one of the ones that either has the very long legs or the extendable legs so that you don’t hurt your back when you’re standing at it. I bought four basic tables and stuck them together but it kills my back!!!

  2. Donna G says:

    I too love IKEA but its a 13 hr non stop drive for us. So hoping they come to my area soon…

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