My trip to Kuwait for Mubaader Seminar

This post is not craft or beauty related but i wanted to share it with you because of the positive impact it had on me. I am constantly looking for inspiration simply so i can inspire others, to prove to them that with a dream, hard work determination you will succeed.

Mr Ahmad Al Mutawa, CEO of Mubaader Services is a person who did just that, had a passion,  made a plan executed it and is now living his dream! He is Kuwaiti and I remember when I first discovered him on instagram. Karima tagged me in one of his pictures, i instantly followed his account because it was filled with positive vibe and inspiration.

He is one of those people who not only tells you that you can make your dreams of owning your business come true but will show you how.  His company Mubaader Services actually provides you with everything you need to set up your business from the idea right down to choosing and designing your store.

In addition to that he gives seminars/workshops which i finally had the chance to attend one of his seminars titled “Business & Marketing” on 11th of March 2014 and the Jumeriah Messliah Beach Hotel & Spa in Kuwait. It was my first time traveling to Kuwait, i was there for a total of 3 days (yups i just flew for the seminar).

Mubaader 1

The seminar was from 4pm to 9pm, with a 30 mins break in between. The seminar was not only information but also very entertaining. He started by introducing himself and his journey which was very interesting. He then went on to talk about the process of starting a business  and the last part was once up and running the tools and tips used to market it.

photo 4

His passion and positive energy filled the room, i am sure everyone felt it. Although he is based Kuwait and his advice is mainly for SMEs in Kuwait the overall process is the same the only difference would be when it comes to registering your business in your Country.

The workshop was held in Jumierah Messilah Beach and Spa Hotel, such a gorgeous place. Halima (my travelling partner who also attended the seminar with me) we arrived early to for the seminar so we took the opportunity to take a walk in the hotel’s garden as the weather was lovely.

Messilah Halima and I 2

A selfie pic with Halima

Me being me i had to strike a pose hehe, must admit it turned out pretty good!

The Sewist in Kuwait

The great thing about this seminar is that included in the price is a one hour consultation with Mr Ahmad which you can schedule any day after attending his seminar.  However since i was due to fly back to Oman the next day Mr Ahmad was kind enough to squeeze me into his schedule for 1pm the next day.

photo 1 During the meeting with him he asks you to talk about yourself, tries to find out your passion and matches it to your skills and comes up with a matrix which if you respond d honestly you might discover that what you thought you liked isn’t really what you are passionate about!

All in all this seminar was definitely an eye opener for me, it has certainly got me at a cross-road in thinking what road should I take next (which isn’t necessary a bad thing). I think when you challenge yourself you tend to discover things you never knew about yourself.

I would recommend anyone who wants  and/or has a business to  attend  his seminar , you wont regret it. You can watch some snippets of his previous seminars on his YouTube channel Mutawacg

You can also find Ahmad Al Mutawa: on instagram @mutawacg & @mubaader,  facebook, twitter and Mubaader’s website (

To end this post i would like to thank Halima for spending the first couple of her days in Kuwait with me i look forward to our next trip together.

Question: Leave me a comment with someone who inspires you…

by mayya

Hijabi Box Reveal II + Hijab Tutorial using an Infinity Scarf

I was super excited to receive my 2nd Hijabi Box last month especially since i had requested an infinity scarf this time. You can imagine my delight when i opened the box and saw this beautiful chevron scarf.

Infinity Scarf full SCU
Beautiful right? I for some reasons love chevron and haven’t been able to find a scarf with that kind of print on it.

Hijabi The Sewist

If you missed my first reveal head over to this post to read all about it

In addition i got this fold-able prayer mat and two green tea bags. Loving the prayer mat  i think a wonderful thing to have, it is small and light can easily fit into any hand bag.

Prayer and Tea What i love about the hijabi box is that they always make sure that whatever they send you matches, I also received a shimmer bonnet (something else i didnt have) which i think matches perfectly with the scarf.

Shimmer Bonet SCU

Just like last time i made a video showing you the stuff i received and included a hijab tutorial for the style i wore

Hope you enjoyed the review, thank you for stopping by

Much Love

by mayya

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