My Experience on Oman 90.4 FM for Life As It Is

Two weeks have passed and I realized that I didn’t share my experience being on 90.4 FMOman’s national radio station during the month of Ramadhan. I still remember how nervous I was as I sat in the studio for the first time and waited to go live for Life as it is.

The experience I had is one that I will cherish forever, I must admit I am proud of myself for not giving into my fear of the unknown. As you know this year I am all about facing my fears! Therefore I took on this challenge to experience new things and not turn it down because of the fear of the unknown.


(A selfie with Rym Auodia who hosted Lets connect)

As if being LIVE on national radio wasnt nerve wrecking enough, I was in the company of Eng Muhammad Farqooq, Ahmed Al Matani and Hatim Al Abdilsalam who not only knew each other but have previously done shows together so these guys are PROs! Oh and not to mention that I was the only female joining the brotherhood!

I couldn’t have asked for better people ma sha Allah they welcomed me, supported me and told me that it would be fine, and it was alhamdulilah.  I am so glad I took part in Life as it is as I LOVED every minute of being on the radio.

I got to learn and appreicate all the hard work that goes into preparing a radio show. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Oman Radio for giving me the opportunity to present, the sound Engineers who worked with us and who continue to work hard behind the scenes.

One of my favorite part was interacting with the callers, got to know the regular callers, was able to get different views on the topic of discussion. I also recognized a couple of people who called which was nice (thank you for your support, you know who you are).   It felt good to shed some light on topics that needed to be voiced in our society such as single parents, Islamophobia, early marriage and obsession in looks.

I know that many of my readers in Oman and out of Oman were not able to listen to the radio show due to the fact that the timing may not have been suitable so all the episodes have been uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

However for your ease of reference I have also listed all the episodes down below  – you’re welcome 😉

Episode 02 – Freedom vs Responsibility feat. Eng Muhammad Farooq

Episode 03 – Intelligence More than Looks feat. Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said

Episode 04 – Going Green feat. Eng Muhammad Farrow

Episode 05 Implementing what we learn at school feat. Ahmed Al Matani

Episode 07 Food vs Medicine feat Eng Muhammad Farooq

Episode 10 Motherhood Hijacked feat Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said

Episode 13 Modern Poverty feat Ahmed Al Matani

Episode 14 Obsession in Looks Feat Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said

Episode 15 Materialism The Illusion feat Eng Muhammad Farooq

Episode 16 Authentic Religion feat Hatim Al Abdilsalam

Episode 17 Parenthood feat Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said

Episode 18 Qualification vs Education feat Ahmed Al Matani

Episode 19 The Mask We Wear feat Ahmed Al Matani

Episode 20 Early Marriage feat Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said

Episode 21 Eid Fever feat Ahmed Al Matani and Al Sayyida Mayya Al Said

Life as it is - Final Group Photo

(Final group photo on our last episode Eng Muhammad Farooq is missing)

I feel so blessed to have been invited to take part in Life as it is it was an experience that has taught me a lot about my self, my religion and about life.

Thank you to all those who made this possible we hope that you enjoyed listening to this show as much as we enjoyed discussing it.

May Allah continue to guide us all to his right path, ameen.

by mayya

Found My Inspiration in France

It’s been 2 years since I was last here feels so good to be back in France for the summer holiays. The girls and I have been here for a week and we have been spending it with family, eating fresh fruits, walking in town and re-living beautiful memories!

The Sewist in France Pavement

(Loved this beautifully paved street which is shaped as a sea shell)

I have some  good news to share I have been inspired by France! The weather, the greenery, the town, the fact that I am on holiday and able to gather my thoughts I have decided to get back to blogging full time :)

Spent the past couple weeks planning content and I cant wait to share it with you all. Whilst I am here I plan on spending quality time and focusing on what’s to come and blogging has been on my mind for a while now, I guess I needed the change in scenery to get the ball rolling. I have a also arranged for sewing lessons with my Aunt Tati J the sewing expert in the family (planning on starting next week in sha Allah) super excited!!

Until then I will leave you with a picture of me taken in town last Saturday on our way to the weekly market.

The Sewist in France

(This picture was taken by my personal photographer Hadeel my 9 year old daughter with a Sony RX 100 M3)

Wearing top and pants from Promod, Aldo sandals, carrying a Kipling bag, sporting my Prada sun glasses.

I would be interested to hear what inspires you ? is it a change of scenery? a person? your goals?

by mayya

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