DIY Palazzo Pants – My First Pair

I have always been a fan of wide pants, for modest chic muslimas such as myself its ideal. They are wide enough to look like skirts but with the comfort of pants, you know what I mean.

Pants Cover

So I have been meaning to make something that I would be able to leave the house with hehe and knew I  wanted to make wide pants aka palazzo pants especially after watching Nadira 037’s video on how to  them.

So last week, my mum stopped by for a visit and after her regular cup of tea and our chat we went into my sewing room and within a couple of hours together we made these wide pants.

SCU pants 05

The tutorial was easy to follow and my mum and I had so much fun making this. My pants were cut at 40 cms wide as i didnt know how wide i wanted them to be. They turned out  really wide which is fine but I will make my next ones slightly narrower.

SCU Pants 04

I am in love with my new pants, I wore them today to a birthday party the girls and I were invited to and it felt great wearing them.

The fabric I used was one I bought ages ago, I love the fact they are dark but not black and the print is not too much. Oh and they were super comfy to wear, kind of felt like I didn’t have anything on (yup I am serious).

SCU Pants 02

If you are thinking of making some for yourself I would highly suggest you:

  • Wash your fabric (same setting as you would use to wash your pants if they were made)
  • Use some fabric that you are not too fond of just in case it turns out a flop, you wont feel too bad
  • Take your time and always double-check your measurements before cutting
  • You don’t need a serger to make these pants, i used the zig-zag stitch on the edges to void the fabric from fraying
  • Most of all have patience, lots and lots of it
  • Have fun with it!

These pictures were taken earlier today at a car park in one of the malls, I had parked my car at M so my photographers (my daughters Hadeel and Dania) thought I should pose with it, as M is for Mama and Mayya!

SCU M pants

I already have my fabric all washed and ready for my 2nd pair of pants, oh yeah expect to see many pants in my near future hehe.

Making my own clothes is so much fun and I look forward to creating my own wardrobe, who knows maybe my own fashion label one day (one can always dream)!

Have you ever made something for yourself to wear? What was it?
Warm stitches

by mayya

An Unforgettable Experience – Facing my Fears

Reflect on yourself by Mino's Photographie (107) This shot and the others you’ll see is the work of the talented Omani photographer Amina Al Bakri of Mino’s Photographie.

I first worked with Amina earlier in the year on a to get pictures of myself for blog’s makeover as part of changes happening at SCU blog which I blogged about earlier. It was my first time posing and acting all model like so not me btw! I am so uncomfortable in front of the camera but Amina and her lovely assistant the gorgeous Noor (who has done some modelling) made me feel at ease.

After that photo session we kind of hit it off, we stayed in touch and would regularly meet for coffee/dinner.

Reflect on yourself by Mino's Photographie (21) In one of our meet ups the conversation went something like this:

Noor: So Amina did you ask her yet?

Mayya: Ask me what? (turns to Amina)

Amina: Well, I have this idea for a photo shoot which I would like you to model for it is an Arabian theme you will be dressed in a black flowy abbaya with the background of the desert

Mayya: Wow sounds beautiful

Amina: oh there is just one thing, are you afraid of snakes?!

Mayya: hmm not really why?

Amina: Really?! because I also have this idea of you holding the snake (waits for my reaction…)

Mayya: Aha…i turn to Noor (the model) why isn’t Noor doing it?

Noor: Me? No no…I cant stand snakes but you should totally doing it you will be amazing LOL (with a smile)

Mayya: Haha , you think? Hmm OK I would totally love to do it I love a challenge and sounds this exciting, when do we do it?

if i could have pinched myself i would have (i could hear my inner voice saying “Mayya, what are you thinking? a snake?!! really?“..I told myself “yes it does sound scary i know which is why i want to do it, I have to face my fears only then will I truly know what I am capable of”…”Anyway I already gave my word there is no turning back now“..

Reflect on yourself by Mino's Photographie (152)

That my readers is a python snake, yes a REAL one, she was female and ma sha Allah so was beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at her, admiring Allah’s creation and enjoying the moment, because to me this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

Reflect on yourself by Mino's Photographie (166) The Python was from Creatures Pet Shop in Sabco, one of the staff member was right next to me help me position her. I was relatively calm during the session however at one point she kept moving (a little too much for my liking) but apart from that she was very co-operative and so was I hehe.

I personally LOVE the pictures (not because I am in it) you can barely tell it is me to be honest, but I simply love the whole concept that Amina has created. I love her creativity, the theme she was going for was “Reflect on yourself” and I can sense that in her photography.

Thank you Amina for allowing me to be part of this photo session, you have not only challenged me to try something new but to also discover a new side to me a side that has learned that life can be experienced differently once you let go of your fears.

I look at these pictures and still can’t believe that I actually did it!

I end this post with one of favorite among the many that were taken I call this one “FIERCE”

Reflect on yourself by Mino's Photographie (197)

Follow Amina’s work on Facebook and Instagram @minosphotographie

What are your fears? and have you challenged your self lately?

It may sound scary but you should totally face your fears. Once you do you will feel liberated, believe me you wont regret it, i don’t :)

by mayya

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