Make your own Red Heart Pillow Cover

“Love is in the air” since February is known to be the month of “love” I decided to dedicate some time to doing what I love, sewing! I personally dont celebrate it but have always loved the sewing/crafty projects that are around at this time of year.

Whilst rummaging through my stash I had seen some felt lying around and wanted to make something out of it. I found this adoreable pillow on and thought “perfect”!

I love pillows, don’t you?

I think having pillows is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add pops of color to any room.  Do you remember the cute pink bow pillow cover  and the damask print pillows I made a couple of years ago?

Well those were envelope pillow covers (which means the back of the pillow overlaps and you can stuff the pillow through that). However this time I wanted to up my sewing game and decided to make zippered pillow case.

Using some black and white polka dot fabric, some red felt I whipped up this pillow case cover inspired from the picture above.

Heart Pillow 04

I used the zippered pillow cover  tutorial by Dana Made it which as complicated as it may sound was fairly easy to follow.

For the ❤  I drew a big heart template on paper and cut the felt. I hand sewed it onto the pillow as there is something about stitches that make me happy, am i normal?

Heart Pillow 03

My pillow form was the standard ones you get from Centerpoint I believe mine was 15 x 15 inches which I had lying around.

If I were to customize it I could “hand sew” a person’s name or a message in the heart but I choose to keep it simple.

You could easily make yours, this would be an ideal project for a beginner to try out, if you dread installing a zipper (it’s not that scary, i promise) you could always make the envelope pillow covers like the ones I linked above.

Heart Pillow 02 SCU

This pillow sits beautifully in my sitting room and it’s the first thing I see when I walk in, the perfect spot in my opinion. Ahh what can I say handmade makes me happy!

For more inspiration head over to see my 10 favorite pillow tutorials

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Warm stitches

by mayya

DIY Eiffel Tower Makeover with Spray Paint

Happy new year my lovelies!

I am super excited about 2015 and I have many goals that I am determined to achieve them (in sha Allah). Incase you missed it, I uploaded a video titled {A New Year, A New You} sharing tips on how to achieve your goals.

So this year I am in a DIY/decorating mood. I love decorating, I could browse Pinterest for inspiration ALL DAY! I decorated several rooms in the previous house, my sewing room  and my girls bedroom way back in 2009!

The girls and I moved into our house last year and I haven’t had time to do much decorating but this year I plan on focusing on turning our house into a home. So expect many DIY and sewing projects on the blog :)

To start of the year I decided to do a little DIY with one of my favorite  and probably the cheapest methods using  “Spray Paint”.

The girls room are currently being painted and I think I am more excited about it than they are. Whilst that is being done I am working on small projects for their rooms.

Last year when mummy went to France she brought back miniature Eiffel Towers as gifts for the girls.

Eiffle Collage 2

The color was a dark to reflect the real one which is nice but I remember seeing colorful ones around which were crazy expensive and thought this could be easily achieved with a can of spray paint!

This was what it looked like before..

Eiffle 01 SCU

Since we had two we sprayed one in yellow and the other ones in bronze, this was the outcome..

Eiffle 02 SCU

I absolutely love how they turned out, they just look so much better!

The process is super-duper simple:

All you need is your spray paint cans costs approx (1.200 to 2.000 RO) and you can get them from paint shops

Your object, make sure it is clean from dust.

You will need to do this outside to not ruin your walls and floor and  to avoid inhaling the spray

Make sure you cover your walls and floor with news paper (to avoid getting paint all over the walls), I used to a tile to secure the newspaper since it was kind of windy yesterday.

Eiffle 03 SCU Then you are ready to spray paint, you will want hold the can at a distance 30 cms at least and spray short bursts while moving your ahead side to side or up and down.

The reason of doing that is that you don’t want to concentrate on spraying on one spot because the paint will become running and not stick to the object.

Eiffle 07 SCU

Keep spraying and rotating, then leave it to try for a couple of minutes or hours depending on how big or small your object is.

You do that until you achieve the desired color

Eiffle 06 SCU

Once the colour has dried make sure to use lacquer paint or hairspray to ensure that the paint doesn’t peel off (thanks bro for the tip!) and VOILA!

Eiffle 05 SCU

One of the things I love about DIY projects is that  I can involve the girls in them, they had fun since they got to use the spray paint. My brother Bader had come to visit and he helped out and gave me tips so it turned out to be a family affair :)

We are off to buy other spray cans for another DIY project for their rooms, cant wait to share it with you.

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Warm stitches

by mayya

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